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May 9, 2008 11:24 AM

Chosun Galbee or Dong Il Jang?

Planning a birthday dinner for 12 on a Saturday night. Any suggestions vis a vis food, atmosphere, price, etc.?


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  1. try tahoe galbi on wilshire and wilton. all you can eat. make rsvp and you should have no problems. service is good, food is good for all you can eat. it will end up being a lot cheaper than chosun and a more relaxed atmosphere.

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      1. as a korean living in LA for 30 years..i have eaten at chosun only two times. each time was when we had guests from korea. while the food is good, i feel it is way overpriced. havent been there in years, so it might have changed (same price larger portions?)..but from previous experiences a little too expensive for korean bbq.

      2. I like both food wise, but Chosun is more upscale which also reflects in the price. I like that they have private rooms--great for celebratory occasions. Reservation is a must and try to arrive before 7 pm or else you won't be able to get into the valet lot. Dong Il Jang has more of a homey feels to it.

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          Both restaurants are solid choices. I think CG has the edge in their banchan. DIJ has some of the best parking in K-town for a stand alone restaurant. Free, do-it-yourself lot with PLENTY of parking.

        2. Not much seems to have changed at CG in the last year:

          Ok, just one: now we ARE in a recession, I'm glad they didn't update their website.

          1. I can't speak to Dong Il Jang but Chosun Galbee was certainly delicious. My group did not handle payment for the meal so I can't speak to value but the atmosphere is upscale, the service is attentive, and the meat is very high quality. My only gripe with the place is that it doesn't have charcoal grills. Now, if I were paying the bill I might be inclined to be more picky.