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May 9, 2008 11:08 AM

Two Boots Pizza Bridgeport, CT

I did a search but I can't find too much about the location in Bridgeport.

I want to know!

Anyone been? Good? Bad? Ugly?

Thinking about going there this evening.

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  1. Is this the place originally from the Lower East Side of NYC??

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    1. re: bewley

      Yes, I believe it is. There was an article in the CT Post about it opening awhile back.

    2. Here is the website for the Bridgeport location..

      I was there last night for a birthday and it is a bit smaller than I was expecting but overall I thought the food was pretty good and it was pretty cute place! They have bands playing there on the weekends and have 2 hour party packages for special occasions...

      I had a great time with the band there and the party package. I spent around $25 for 2 hours of food and drink and listened to an amazing band!! Hope this helps!

      1. I went to Two Boots last night to see the band that was playing. Got a medium pizza with artichokes and cajun chicken. It was done perfectly and it was delicious. I wish they'd open one in Waterbury. You just cannot get pizza like this in Waterbury. Beer prices were a bit more expensive than I'd like, the Harpoon IPA drafts I had were fresh and cold.