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May 9, 2008 11:06 AM

2 new restaurants on 30th Ave in Astoria- Akti and Zabb Thai

There are two relatively new places that opened on 30th Ave.

The first is Akti, a new Greek place near 34th Ave. The design is nice, typically overdone for the area (ie. the waterfall probably isn't necessary). The servers were nice, helpful and cute-- which never hurts. We started with a salad that was terrific, brightly colored veggies, yellow peppers, ripe tomatoes, delicious feta etc. Next we had the tzatziki with little fried zucchini chips-- the sweet zucchini was perfect with the cool garlicky dip. We also had haloumi which was fantastic, not gummy and grilled with tomato (also grilled) on top. They brought us a complimentary moussaka, which was good, though it's not something I order so I can't really comment on it. We shared a grilled Tilapia and grilled shrimp-- both well cooked. We got a side of grilled asaparagus and dadelion greens. The only thing that was less than great were the greens that were too bitter and over-cooked. Overall, I highly recommend this place!

The other new place I tried recently was Zabb Thai. I've been a few times and can't remember exactly what I had. I will say that although there wok sautes were a little bland (I haven't tried the curries) their salads are fantastic. I've tried the crispy duck as well as the one with shrimp, ground pork and rice noodles [sorry for the lack of names, it was a couple weeks ago and I don't have the menu in front of me]. I found their food/menu to be more interesting then a lot of the other Thai places in the area. Also, I highly recommend this place as well, especially the salads.

Would love to hear other peoples experiences here. Any other new games in town?

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  1. I've been to Akti about 5 times now- simply because it's on 30th ave-near my apartment- It's fine, but certainly not on par with Agnanti or Zenon or S'agapo. The fish has been a bit overcooked and sometimes not the freshest. I do like their Salads and mezede selection, and the staff and owner are quite nice. I especially like the salad with beets and potatoes.

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      i went to akti last nite for was pretty good but we didnt expect to pay so much (230 + tip for 4 people !!)

      we got a xoriatiki salad (nice, but not too big), haloumi (pretty good, but only 3 small slices served on pita bread), kalamari (very good), kolokithokeftedes (also pretty good, 5 large ones served with tzatziki).
      For main course we had the snapper ($36!!), swordfish, and then the tsipoura (x 2 at $28)
      For dessert we were brought yoghurt with walnuts and honey, galaktobouriko, baklava, and watermelon.
      we did also have to nice bottles of wine (white, santorini..forgot the name..)
      and yes the waiters are very cute!
      overall it was a pleasant evening, and i guess we did eat a lot but it certainly hurt when the check came. i think next time it would be better to split one of the entrees because after all the apps i could hardly finish my fish.
      i do think that for serious fish eating kyklades is much better, and cheaper. its nice that an 'upscale' restaurant opened on 30th ave (of course, the owners are the same as Avenue and the now-closed Table 30)

      1. re: lemonyc

        I went last week with two friends, and we ended up having a bottle of retsina, a Greek salad, the grilled haloumi, grilled quail, octopus, and the feta/red pepper dip (can't remember the name). We had enough to eat without any entrees, but the price sort of put us off the fish too. We then had the yogurt dessert and the galaktobouriko — loved the yogurt with the toasted walnuts and honey. Our bill came to about $80.00. I thought all of it was good but not necessarily better than things I've had at Agnanti or even Stamatis (their octopus is so yummy). The waiter was very nice — he was Cypriot and said that most of them are. It's a pleasant space and a nice addition to the neighborhood but not earth shatteringly great.

    2. Well, for a dissenting opinion, I kind of gave a thumb's down to Zabb Astoria a couple weeks back:

      In fact, am eagerly awaiting my Arharn delivery as I type.