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May 9, 2008 10:47 AM

ISO fun, non-alcoholic drinks

I am joyously unable to drink for the next 29 weeks and looking for a place that serves creative virgin beverages along with good food (and preferably with a nice patio). I am growing tired of the pregnant lady's standard of cranberry juice and soda!

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  1. Welcome to the club! I have the same request. I'm getting a little tired of milk and water.
    I can imagine just about any place with a decent cocktail list could make something virgin for you. Sadly for me, I'm not a cocktail or juice fan.
    24 weeks to go....

    1. Hair of the Dog (Church and Carlton) - virgin caesar - great food - great patio!


      1. Vietnamese and Malaysian places have fabulous iced drinks like lychee smoothies or mango milkshakes. There's also avocado milkshake, but I never got used to the taste of that one.

        1. Hey congrats! One little suggestions, if you go to a decent place you can always just ask! Seriously. I remember asking (and getting some fun beverages. Tell the server what you are thinking of and then see if they come up with anything. Most places won't have it on their menu but will, assuming the bartender is worth his salt, will likely happily help if asked!