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Where to go, if you've been everywhere?

My boyfriend and I have been to TONS of amazing restaurants in New York. I need to make a reservation for his b-day but have no places in mind that we haven't been! I'm looking for something upscale like Per Se or Jean-Georges quality. Please suggest.....!!!!


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  1. It may help if you tell us all the upscale restaurants you've been to.

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      (Pardon my horrible spelling but here is what I can think of off the top of my head)
      PER SE
      15 EAST
      ETAS UNI

      and many more!

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        Well, I'm also assuming you've hit the other big ones like Gramercy, Cafe Gray, Masa, etc. Ardour is relatively new (at the old Lespinasse space). If you don't want to go back to the same restaurant again, perhaps you may want to take him on a weekend trip. Philly is only a couple of hours away and you've got Striped Bass there. Or perhaps do something different and go to Blue Hill in Westchester. While not "fine" dining, the food is very good and it is a beautiful place to celebrate. Or whisk him away to French Laundry. DH decided he doesn't want a big celebration for his 40th. I've decided I will TRY to get reservations at the French Laundry instead and spend a romantic weekend at Napa.

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          Tocqueville is excellent. Also I had a very nice meal at Eighty-One.

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            I'd second Tocqueville, especially if you enjoyed 15 East.

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            Four Seasons, Boathouse, Il Mulino, Bouley, Aquavit, La Grenouille, Chanterelle, Mary's Fish Camp, Babo, Wallse, Perry Street, Hearth and don't get me started on steak places (Keen's, Spark's Luger's) - you can't possibly have gone "everwhere"!!

        2. Go to Blue Hill at Stone Barns for a huge late lunch on a Sunday (during the day so you can SEE the gorgeous property). Eat on the patio.

          1. Have you been to Picholine?

            1. Sushi Yasuda, Cafe Boulud, Momofuku come to mind. Also, Blue Ribbon and Balthazar. Le Cirque if you are looking for a more upscale experience although many people say it's gone a bit downhill, I still enjoy the experience and food. Water Cafe in Brooklyn is good for a special occasion.

              1. One place you probably haven't been is Momofuku Ko, and from what I hear, that's THE place, if you can get in.


                1. How about Del Posto for Italian?

                  1. We really enjoyed our meal at Gordon Ramsay's at the London. Enjoyed it both for lunch and dinner. The other meal we had recently that we really enjoyed, and has been so memorable simply because I was not expecting it to be as good as it was, is Aquavit. Had the tasting meal at both with paired wines.

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                      Good call on Gordon Ramsay! How could I forget that? I agree that it is definitely a great fine-dining option.

                    2. In your reading the recs here, just know that Degustation and momofuko ko are not on any level that compares to jean georges etc nor does the atmosphere, If i were you id go to Jean Georges even though you've been there , it's amazing,,Le bernadin was great when they first opened , i was there recently spent $400 a person inc. wine and it was not even as good as Acqua Grill. Try Le Grenouille or Bouley or Danube

                      1. Babbo. What is One If By Land doing on that list?

                        1. CRU, L'Impero, Park Avenue Spring, MAZE

                          1. Ok, here is a radical idea: Why don't you take him back to the place he enjoyed the most? Most of us mere mortals never have the good fortune to eat our ways through the whole menu of the upscale places. Besides, menus change frequently at many of these.

                              1. Definitely Cru. You will not regret it. The service and food are exceptional!

                                1. I have not been to Joel Robuchon, but it might be worth looking into...
                                  I second recs for Yasuda, and Babbo, but I suspect you have been to both.

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                                    I think OP mentioned that her bf has been to L'Atelier, which I assumed she meant L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon.

                                    If not, then yes, this is the place to go!

                                  2. my son has lived in Manhattan for 10 years.he said this was the best food, bar none, that he has ever had
                                    38 8th Ave - At Jane St
                                    New York, NY 10014

                                    212 366-6633

                                    1. Miss Needle has a point( no pun intended), it would help if you listed places youve been already,,Also, I agree with the "getaway" for dinner, Napa, Paris, London, or closer is Bermuda at the Newport Room.
                                      In any case i'll name a few, maybe i'll hit on one that you'd like. Del Posto, Danube, Chanterelle, Triomphe, Gotham, Bouley,

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                                        Foodwhisperer, I've had bad experiences at Triomphe, even though the food is excellent. The service was terrible both times I dined there pre-theater. On the first visit, our food was so slow in arriving (and the server so slow in taking our order), that we had to leave part of our meal untouched and run out the door in order to make the opening curtain. The second time we ate there, my companion and I were made to feel entirely unwelcome from the get-go. We were given an uncomfortable, dark table, and our server was rude and insulting. And even after I had asked her in detail whether several dishes contained any meat products (I don't eat meat), she served me a dish with shaved foie gras draped across the top of it. She seemed peeved when we didn't order wine with dinner, and perhaps that was her issue, but the mood of the entire staff that night was chilly. I won't go back to Trimphe ever again.

                                        How about Oceana Restaurant? It's tiny, romantic, has a creative menu with top-notch ingredients, and it has a professional waitstaff that makes diners feel special. I love the decor.