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May 9, 2008 10:36 AM

Goodburger: a quick review

I stopped into the newly opened Goodburger for lunch yesterday.

Place was very clean. Burgers & fries looked great, definitely less greasy than Five Guys. Plus they serve milkshakes and beer which is a nice touch. I was trying to go the healthy route, so I ordered their green salad with grilled chicken and balsamic vinagrette. The green salad comes with spring mix, grape tomatoes, Cabot cheese slices, fried onion strings (so much for eating healthy lol) and sliced black olives. Also comes with some warm pita wedges on the side.

Service was fast and super friendly. The salad I got was ice cold with 2 cups of dressing on the side. The chicken with an entire sliced breast, hot and freshly grilled. I'm picky with chicken so I was pleasantly surprised. Dressing wasn't bad, I could do without the pita wedges.

All in all a thumbs up for me. Can't wait to try the burgers and shakes.

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  1. I enjoyed my burger. I ordered it medium, and it was cooked perfectly- light pink inside and nice and juicy. The burger is small, but I prefer mine that way (although I enjoy the huge burgers you can get at Rouge, BP, etc, I find I am never able to finish them on my own). Fries were thin and crispy- good but I probably won't go back for them. In summary, liked the burger, prefer the fries at Five Guys.

    1. Where is it located?

      1. A friend and I went to Goodburger today at lunch. I was underwhelmed. The place was very clean, and the tables well-spaced. The man who took out order was somewhat surley -- reminded me of Seinfld's Soup Nazi. The area where you stand to wait for your order is very narrow however, and crowded. Is that supposed to be part of the schtick? Our burgers were very good, but boy were they expensive. We had 2 burgers, an order of fries, an order of rings, an egg cream and a soda. 28 bucks! The rings were good, but the fries were merely adequate. Very similar to McDonalds.

        My favorite place top get a burger is Good Dog. We could have walked a few more blocks, had a cozy seat, been waited on by a chatty server, and had their fabulous Good Dog Burger with amazing shoestring sweet & white potato fries for $10 each.

        Maybe Goodburger fills a niche, but it sure isn't mine.