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Oct 8, 2002 03:04 PM

Pro knife sharpeners in Santa Monica?

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The edge on my Wustoff chef knife is Kaput. I read your Message Board Rules and thought this query fit in with restaurant chat.
Anybody have a favorite knife sharpening shop that doesn't grid your blade down to nothing?
I've tried yahoo searches and searched this message board.

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  1. There is a shop on Wishire I believe that was recommended to my by Sur La Table. I'd avoid it if I were you. I plan on buying and trying the Morty's knife sharpener next time around.

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    1. re: wrharper

      was it larry's shaver shop? why would you avoid?

      1. re: petradish

        That sounds right. It was within a few blocks of El Cholo as I recall.

        The reason I wouldn't go back is that my knives just weren't that sharp afterward, and they took a rather large chunk of the blade off to do it. The prices were reasonable, and the service was pretty quick (1 day I think), but I just wasn't impressed with the results. One of the two knives I had sharpened, a Henckels paring knife, was barely sharper than when I took it in. The other, a chef's knife was reasonably sharp, but not impressively so.

        To be honest, I had a hard time getting any recommendation at all. I asked some friends, Williams Sonoma, and Sur La Table and they all recommended this guy, but not enthusiastically. Maybe he is the best of a mediocre lot. I think there must be a lot of dull knives on the Westside, or maybe you have to know the secret chef handshake to get the right recommendation. Either way, I'll try it myself next time, unless I find someone provides a ringing endorsement for another shop.

        1. re: petradish

          I have used Larry's Shaver Shop for knife sharpening. They did a good job and returned my knives in sharper condition than when I originally bought them. I would recommend this shop.

          1. re: petradish

            SHAVER SHOP Used to be great.
            The shop was management avoid at all costs.
            I would not entrust my good knives to them

        2. Thanks wrharper, I'm also interested in why you don't recommend the shop Sur la table told you about. My knives are so dull that I really need a new edge ground onto them, not just a quickie resharpening.

          1. Once you’ve achieved the edge you seek, keep it honed with the miracle of the Zip Zap. Hit your knife with this dandy little stone a couple of times before & maybe even after each use & you’ll never need professional sharpening again. I drilled a hole in my knife block to accommodate it, so the whole process takes, oh, 10 seconds. I believe Sur La Table carries them & ck the link below. The scars & stumps on the poor Grub’s fingers attest to my aged Wusthof chef knife’s constant sharpness.


            1. Not quite SM but I use the knife guy in the little Manhatten Beach mall off PCH at Rosecrans (forget the name of the place but it's by the foodcourt and the RB cooknstuff recommended it). I use a steel to keep the edge nice in between visits and then every few months, I treat them to a full do at the knifeman.

              He does a real nice job with block and leather and other toys if needed. Haven't had a dink yet. He has much better technique than I so things always end up nice and sharp.

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              1. re: beachgrub
                Michael Etcheverry

                the place is called "the cutlery" and it is in the Manhatten Beach Mall

              2. Small shop on the north side of Wilshire just before 7th Street heading towards the ocean; a door or two down from a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

                Half the store sells all manner of knives from kitchen to hunting; other half deals in electric razors and fancy blade-razors. I'm guessing but I'd bet they sharpen on the premises.

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                1. re: Bob S II

                  Larry's Shaver Shop
                  821 Wilshire Blvd.
                  SM 393-3291

                  I've always used them and have been happy.

                  1. re: Karen

                    I appreciate the many replies!
                    I'll be trying Larry's Shaver Shop and will report back my findings.