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May 9, 2008 10:17 AM

New Pizza, Carroll Gardens

We tried the new spot, South Brooklyn Pizza, last night. It was their first few hours of operation, so the kinks were still being ironed out. I think the coal oven was running hot, so the pies got a bit crispy. They were only serving a cheese pie, but had a full bar. I'm not an expert, but this was a tasty pie. Thin, chewy crust, but a bit too much char. That said, the wooden plank it arrived on, was empty when we left. The owner said toppings will start to be offered today. I hope this place gels, as the 'hood could use another casual, tasty alternative to over-priced slices and Lucali's. Oh, the sauce was fresh and sweet and delicious.

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    1. Coal oven - really? I didn't know there were any old coal oven spots in that part of the 'hood, and new ones aren't allowed.

      1. hmm. i'll have to try this out. i wonder if they deliver (having a get together at my apt tomorrow for the Office season finale). if anyone has a phone #, please post it!

        1. Is this the red building next to PJ Hanley's? It's technically part of and owned by PJ Hanleys, no?

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              I didnt realize this was open. I went to PJ's for food and drinks on the 13th and they told me it wasnt open yet.

          1. The original comment has been removed