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May 9, 2008 10:04 AM

LA Produce Market Deli

About 20 years ago we ate at a very busy Deli that was on a street adjoining a portion of the Los Angeles Produce Market. It was a very big restaurant where you ordered at a counter and they brought the food to your table. Great weekend breakfast site. I forgot the name and location...does anyone know the place I am looking for?

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  1. Doesn't sound like the place I'm thinking of because it wasn't a deli, but there was a place with big breakfasts and a great bakery called Vickmans.

    1. The question is which produce terminal are you talking about? There's the one centered around 9th and San Pedro Streets ("City Market") which had a string of Chinese restaurants facing the produce terminal along San Pedro St. for three blocks--New Moon, Li Wah Cafe, Modern Cafe, Man Fook Low, On Luck, and Paul's Kitchen (which is still there). Vickman's is one block north, not immediately adjacent to the produce market. Then there's the other wholesale produce market around Eighth and Alameda St. I believe there was one restaurant, May Wah, actually inside the market gates, and a bunch of other eating places on 7th, 8th, Alameda and Central.

      1. I immediately thought of Vickmans as well. While not a deli per say (no meat etc... by the pound) they served deli style food.

        1. Vickmans Restaurant was located on 8th Street and just west, one building, from Central Ave. Being in the Produce Business, I had many a breakfast with the nearby Produce Wholesalers, Brokers and Retail Buyers, and you could see just about anyone, who was anyone, in the Produce Business early in the morning at Vickmans. But, at lunch time, very few, if any of Vickman's customers were Produce people, as most, from the nearby Produce Terminal started work at 1 AM to about 10 AM, and were long gone by lunch time. On one occassion, I met my brother for lunch at Vickman's, and Vickman's was a Deli Counter, and Vickman's customers were from in and around the greater downtown L.A. area, a much different crowd than the early morning Produce crowd.

          1. There is/was a place called the Produce Tavern on 7th btwn. Alameda & Central that served mostly sandwiches as I recall. It was also a bar and I think it had a pool table....haven't been there since the mid-90's though and the last time I past by it was not open. Still looks about the same from outside. Clientele was truck drivers and produce market folk.