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May 9, 2008 09:41 AM

Mai Thai - West Columbia, SC

This place has opened in West Columbia in the space where another Thai place was that didn't last very long ... can't think of the name. Has anyone tried this spot?

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  1. Very good. Definitely worth a visit.

    1. Are you talking about Thia Dish that closed? Little shopping area near the Lexington Hospital on Hwy 378?

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      1. re: SweetPea

        Yes, the place that used to be Thai Dish. Their menu is online - just wondering if anyone had checked it out.

      2. I randomly happened to eat there this past week when I was in Real Estate School just up the road. I was not impressed but then again I get spoiled by the Thai place in Elloree. It was good but fairly typical.

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          We ate their last week after Free Times new food critic gave it a good review. I thought it was fantastic and rivaled the Thai joints I frequented in Austin Texas. I had chicken panang and my date had green curry beef. I loved the heart shaped rice and the delicious sauces.
          I often bemoan the lack of authenticity here in Columbia as compared to a more cosmopolitan area but having check out this Thai place and Viet Pho I am one happy Columbian

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            Have you tried Thai Lotus, on St. Andrews Road? In my view it has the best Thai food in the area, though I haven't tried Mai Thai yet.

            1. re: north2south

              Yes, we are regulars there. I love it, but have you noticed they are now limiting diners to one cup of rice per meal, with a $2.00 charge for more? Not sure if that's the same with the buffet or not now. I'm always looking for more good thai around here. The place that Mai Thai replaced was pretty mediocre on a good day.

              1. re: atruebluedevil

                Recommend you to try Mai Thai. We tried it last weekend . We thought their food was superb! and also servers are so friendly .It became our favorite thai restaurant in town.

        2. Tried it last night after checking out the menu online. Everything I had was quite good. Soft shell crab appetizer, duck in ginger sauce, and banana roll. They've got some house-made coconut ice cream that's killer, too. The food presentation was lovely, the decor is most pleasant and the ladies serving the room could not have been more accommodating and gracious. Check it out when you can.

          1. I took some food to go the other night. The decor is pleasant -- understated contemporary Thai restaurant design. The folks working there were quite nice. I thought the food was alright, and worth trying a couple of times more before making a final judgment. The spring roll wrappers were a bit too thick and doughy for my tastes. The pad thai was good. The drunken noodles were ok, but I prefer the version at Thai Lotus. The Ginger Lover chicken was quite good -- it had a subtle sauce spiked with matchsticks of ginger. I'm interested in trying other dishes there.

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            1. re: north2south

              I thought their spring rolls were really good. They were crispy and not oily like other restaurants. I recommend you to try the coconut soup. It is outstanding.

              1. re: jack_a

                The larb is also amazing. The staff laughs at me because I order it without lettuce, but...