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May 9, 2008 08:58 AM

Nakornpin Thai, Portland: anyone been?

This place next to Portland Stage has been through several manifestations in recent years. I'm planning to go tonight, and will post results, but would welcome any news from others.

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  1. Since no one responded, I'll provide my own update: definitely worth a trip, and among the better Thai places in Portland. SO, friend and I didn't get through the whole menu, of course, but for openers, the Thai shumai (shrimp) were delicate and gorgeously spiced. We share the evening special, "Spicy Thai fishcakes" which were pungent and interesting, if a little dense: overtone of anise made them special. For main course, friend and I each had crispy duck: generous portion, very crunchy on the outside, solid bites on the inside: very good indeed. SO had drunken noodle: these were extra good in comparison with most other Portland locations: proper noodle, rich sauce. Friend and SO both had things 1 star hot, and that was fine. I went for 2 star, and enjoyed, although could have eaten hotter. Most importantly, the differences in heat were clearly not just due to dumping in extra chili after the fact: just made flavors more intense. Definitely worth a return trip. Service was swift and attentive, and with 4 beers and a glass of wine, the whole meal was $75 plus tip: not completely cheap, but definitely good value.