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May 9, 2008 08:53 AM

Bistrot Du Coin Question

Hey Everyone,

I'm going to Bistro Du Coin this Sunday for my first time and I was wondering if anyone has been there recently and could help with some suggestions.

I've searched the forum and there seems to be some mixed reviews on the mussels. The various mussel offerings they have on the menu sound really good so I'd like to try them...

Has anyone had their Cassoulet, Foie Gras with risotto, or Saffron Mussel Soup?

Any other specific recommendations?

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  1. I know others disagree but I've now tried 3 different types of the mussels and all 3 times they were a total and complete let down. They lacked flavor and size. I even had a number of empty shells...booo. If you want mussels go to Brasserie Beck.

    That being said there are a number of good options at Bistro du Coin. I like the steak frites. The saffron mussel soup is tasty (especially if its rainy out like today). I often order the steak frites, roasted chicken, goat cheese salad, french onion soup, and I LOVE the salmon with leeks and polenta. It's really good.

    For dessert try the apple cake.

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    1. re: Elyssa

      thank you for the recommendations Elyssa.

      I love French Onion Soup so I'm looking forward to that as well.

      I think I may have to get the mussels just to see for myself. I am a big fan of Beck's mussels and I think they are the best in the city (I used to think Black's in Bethesda had the best but not since Brasserie Beck came to town).

      thanks again!

    2. I have only been to Bistrot du Coin a few times but I really have enjoyed the food there each time, and the mussels provencale were very good, medium sized and very flavorful. I have been mussels at some thai cafes lately that look like they have been fed steroids, but they don't taste nearly as good. I also liked the country pate and of the house specials the spicy lamb and the gruyere ravioli were my favorites, with the escargot coming in a close third.
      I saw their cassoulet as I was leaving the last time I was there and it looked phenomenal, I live in Arlington and don't cross the water too often, but the next time I do, it will be to try the cassoulet.
      One side issue, the service at Bistrot du Coin is either pretty good or horrible, and it it has a lot to do with how you treat your waiter/waitress. I have gotten very good service and watched my waiter pretty much ignore one of his tables.

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      1. re: Ziv

        yea, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get the Cassoulet as well as the foie gras and french onion soup.

        thank you for the help Ziv

        1. re: MarcDC

          I would stay away from the mussels with cream. I found that they are really heavy and too rich at bistro du coin, but it probably depends on your preference. the onion soup is great. as are the french fries.

            1. re: MarcDC

              Bistrot is one of my faves, but I'm not a big fan of their onion soup - I think they use too large of a bread crouton and end up with very little actual soup in it. The gruyere topping is, however, appropriately delicious.

              I usually go for the hangar steak, the tournados au povire, or the boeuf bourgignon. Have tasted someone else's cassoulet and enjoyed it, but never gotten it myself. I'm not sure I'd go with the foie gras - I think preparing it correctly might be a bit beyond their kitchen's ability. But the salad with roquefort is excellent, and I really love the tartiflette savoyarde (potatoes, bacon, cheese, and onion) and the fricasee with merguez appetizer. I've always enjoyed their mussels, but I usually do the curry cream sauce, so it's definitely a little heavy.

              The french fries are fantastic though, especially if you have a little bit of the shallot sauce that comes with the hangar steak to dip them in.

              1. re: Ootek1

                That I agree on. Their fries are delicious and I use that shallot sauce primarily for the fries, not the steak :) A nice bernaise sauce is also delicious for dipping.

                1. re: Ootek1

                  Ootek1, thank you so much for the informative post!

                  I'm really looking forward to trying it out and as soon as I do I will report back with a review. We are going with a large party for Mother's Day (9 people) so I'm sure I'll have the chance to try a bunch of different dishes.

                  Thanks again!

        2. I love Bistro du Coin; my husband and I used to go there regularly when we still lived in the neighborhood. My husband is Belgian so we have tried a LOT of mussels in town; and I still prefer Bistrot du Coin over Belga, Brasserie Beck, and Granville Moore's (which we have tried numerous times).

          I pretty much always get the mussels and think they are great; they are (almost always) perfectly cooked (not too short or long) and well seasoned. I generally get the Moules Provencale (garlicky) and the traditional Mariniere is also good. I think I tried the Catalanes but didn't love it (flavor-wise--mussels were cooked perfectly).
          The best part is, of course, the delicious frites, which are always double fried, perfectly crisp and perfectly salted. The tournedos au poivre (the pave) and hangar steak with the shallot sauce are also both delicious (sauces are divine and agreed with other posters that they are perfect for dipping and soaking fries). My husband has also gotten the pan-seared duck breast with pepper sauce, which he (and I) loved.

          The Cassoulet is good but not out of this world (nothing special). The roasted chicken was surprisingly very good, but not very out of the ordinary. We usually also get the pate de campagne maison (country house pate), which is also great. Make sure to ask for mustard on the side.

          Caveat: Please keep in mind that Bistrot du Coin service is not too friendly but is always correct and efficient. It can also be pretty loud and is always crowded. But it is a great, lively neighborhood place, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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          1. re: monkeygirl99

            thanks monkeygirl!

            yea, everyone seems to be singing the praises of the hangar steak so I'm thinking I might go with that. haha, I already warned my family that the service there is very "french" so I think everyone will be prepared appropriately.

          2. I've had the Cassoulet. It wasn't awful, but not great either. The one I had at Bistro D'Oc on 10th St. blew it away.

            1. I have to disagree with some of the comments here... I ate at Bistrot du Coin three weeks ago and was very disappointed. The salade au chevre chaud was terrible -- overdressed, the goat cheese on a soggy, cold piece of bread, not melty, warm (or hot) at all. The salade frisee featured an overcooked (hard) poached egg, and was also overdressed. The frites were crisp, fresh and salty, but I was disappointed by the house-made mayonaisse (an extra $2.00 or so). The service was not only unfriendly, it was also not "correct" -- my husband ordered an omlette nature and they brought him an omlette fromage. When he pointed out the error, they tried to convince him that an omlette nature has cheese! Waiter: Oh, we'll take it back to make you happy, but that -- <pointing at omlette oozing with cheese> is an omlette nature! Five minutes later they realized that they had accidentally switched up our plates -- another customer had ordered a cheese omlette and received the plain omlette (and obviously vice versa for us). Whoops! They trotted out the plain omlette in good order, but my husband was a little aggravated that they tried to convince him that he didn't know an omlette nature from an omlette fromage. Of course, the service isn't a reason not to return -- but the soggy, gloopy salade au chevre chaud is.