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May 9, 2008 08:47 AM

Creative Cocktails?

Where do you feel they have the best and most creative cocktails in the city? Ideally, I'm looking for places between Houston and 65th St. Among my favorites are PDT (strawberry pisco sour), Therapy (pavlov's dog - an organge based mojito) I've heard that the mushroom margarita at Tailor is pretty good. Any other recommendations? Anyone know if there is a service where one could look up the drink menus of various bars?

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  1. I like the wine cocktails at Bourgeois Pig. they don't serve liquor, but last time I was there I had a tea-infused vermouth cocktail with peach and it was excellent. they also make a mean champagne punch.

    1. Maybe not the most creative, but certainly the best flavor combos and quality can be found at the Pegu Club in my opinion.

      1. Therapy has innovative cocktails? I must have been ordering wrong.

        My favorite places are Employees Only and Little Branch. Both serve great classic and innovative cocktails a la carte, but also have bartenders talented enough that you can give them a couple flavors you like and have them whip up something for you on the spot (both impressed me with their "bitter" "cucumber" cocktails). You round out your tour with Pegu Club and Death & Co. to see which you like best.

        1. what comes to mind readily..
          merkato 55 i had a fabulous drink wioth saffron and a mild, not too sweet, clever mojito
          chintown brasserie i recall a drink with sage that was great...

          1. PDT and Death & Co are my favorites in terms of creativity. PDT just unveiled their spring menu and there are a lot of great looking options. I think they only kept one or two drinks from the previous menu.

            Death & Co is also excellent, and has a fairly large menu - try some of the scotch or champagne based cocktails, or get a group and order a punch bowl. We recently went and there was a guest bartender from London in the house, making specialty drinks based upon descriptions. Our friend asked for a sipping drink and received a very creative old-fashioned with chocolate bitters.

            Seconding Pegu Club - their menu is heavy on the mint, lime, and rum drinks, which aligns pretty closely to my taste.

            Tailor is also very good. Try the solids, if they have them. Or the "solid" cocktails.

            Flatiron Lounge and Angel's Share are also pretty good, but a notch below, say, PDT and Death & Co.

            I've heard promising things about the cocktail program at the just-opened Bar Milano.

            I think NY Mag does a fairly good job of aggregating cocktail menus, but keep in mind that sometimes it's out of date.