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May 9, 2008 08:36 AM

Stumped for Mother's Day

Somehow it has fallen to me to host Mother's Day dinner for my large extended family. 14 adults, many small children and a couple of tweens. Bland Irish food for one side, adventuresome Italians on the other. It's supposed to rain so I really don't want to grill. Any suggestions for what to feed these people? I don't want to spend a fortune.

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  1. Um, how about pizzas? A bit informal for Mother's Day but easy to customize to suit everyone's tastes... and easy on the wallet :)

    1. Good idea..and pizza dough is easy to make..

      What about some pasta course that had both eggplant and regular meat balls? That way you could keep costs down?the meat would be more of a side??? You could also make mac and cheese for the kids I don't know of any bland Irish food that doesn't include meat, but chicken thighs are reasonable.They could be cooked simply with olive oil and salt and pepper. You could serve roasted red potatoes with herbs and olive oil and what ever fresh herb you have. .

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        I have been working on my menu all week! Now I learn I have to take the brunch 100 miles to MIL as she is nursing a sick sister. My menu as of now (it changes constantly)

        Mini Frittatas (probably spinach/sun dried tomato)
        Blinis w/Caviar (one indulgence)
        French Toast Casserole (AKA Strata)
        Chicken Hash (can be corned beef for the Irish) If I was at home I'd serve it with poached eggs on top.

        Cinnamon Rolls
        Cheese Danish from Barefoot Contessa Recipe found on another thread)
        Fruit Salad


        I was going to do a Pavlova but do not want to be anxious about the meringue travelling...

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          Perhaps angel food cake? Sturdier than a pavlova but still light.

      2. You could do a stuffed turkey breast. Here is one recipe, but the possibilities are endless.

        1. One of my new best friends for brunch/dinner is pork loin. I've found it on sale for less than $1.50/lb. and you get a large, boneless lovely piece of meat to flavor as you'd like -- no waste. I've done it more with a BBQ-ish glaze, but you could add a pocket with a fruit stuffing, or fruit/mustard glaze. Very simple to cook and serve. Add both bland and adventurous side dishes for the appropriate families. I think even the kids would like, sliced on a hamburger bun with BBQ sauce and maybe roasted potatoes. It's flavorful and easy, makes a great presentation and can adapt to almost any cuisine.
          Let us know what you fix. If you're a mom, I salute you---they should be catering in for you!

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            Pork loin is super handy! I have it cut so I can easily lay it flat in a rectangle, stuff it with cooked sausage, apples, onion, maybe another kind of fruit (breakfast sausage would be good for your brunch) and roll it up and bake it. It's always delish and looks sorta fancy.