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May 9, 2008 08:24 AM


Any opinions on Craftbar? How's the food and the atmosphere (for a young couple)?

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  1. I'm a huge fan. My boyfriend and I are in our 20s and live in the neighborhood and we regard this place as one of our standbys. The atmosphere is fun and casual and it's relatively easy to get a reservation with a few days notice (or on weekends, if you go at non peak times you can pretty easily get a walk in table).

    In terms of food I would recommend . . . . for apps and small snacks,
    Bruschettas of the day (especially when its mushroom)
    Pecorino fondue with acacia honey and hazelnuts (this is one of my fav dishes anythere)
    Octopus Salad
    Fried sage leaves stuffed with sausage

    Veal ricotta meatballs (they'll serve them with a side of spaghetti)
    Hangar steak (excellent)
    Homemade goat cheese ravioli (had this last weekend, it was divine)
    Short Ribs

    Anyway hope you get a chance to try it out!

    1. I've been a couple of times. I'd say the food is fine, average at best. I like the pecorino-stuffed risotto balls, though I think you can find better ones in the same neighborhood at Bar Stuzzichini. I remember being disappointed by the ravioli with apples and trompettes- overly buttery and bland. The brown sugar cake is pretty good.Be aware that the menu currently listed on isn't completely accurate, as there have been some updates.

      Service has also been spotty both times. Last time, they graciously and quickly replaced a drink I sent back, but then we were hard-pressed to get the waiter's attention for the rest of the meal. It seems like the waitstaff is nice and friendly when they do come over, but getting their attention is the real difficulty!

      1. I've been there half a dozen times and, while I like it, I'd have to say it's sort of a fall-back place for me. I also like the fondue, but it's more of a dessert than an app. Short ribs are legit too. The service is surprizingly "relaxed" (ahem) for such a slick place, but it's not the worst ever.

        I think that the atmosphere is good for a young couple.

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          Both of the above posters are correct on the service, which I forgot to mention. It's a bit hit or miss. Most of the servers are friendly but some are a bit slower then others and if you come on a busy night it might take you some time to get your servers attention.

        2. Thanks for the tips. We'll probably go a Thursday night, so it hopefully won't be as bad as Fridays or Saturdays.

          Would you prefer Gramercy Tavern over Craftbar? The Tavern doesn't take reservations, does it?

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            No reservations, but IMO the food is a million times better at GT. I also prefer the atmosphere.

          2. We've been to Craftbar many times and enjoyed it. But DH went two weeks ago (without me) and said he had the most horrific meal of his life. Service was bad. Food was bad -- everything was oversalted and had too greasy and oily. Everything about it was so bad that he won't go there anymore unless somebody else insists. And he generally is very lenient with his assessment of restaurants. So if he says it's bad, it's terrible.

            And also to answer your question about Gramercy Tavern -- Gramercy in a heartbeat.