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May 9, 2008 08:05 AM

Dinner at Melograno in Hollywood-v.good

Had a great dinner at the lovely Melograno last night. Angel hair pasta served with a sauce of rabbit roasted with red wine and pomegranate -excellent -and the pasta , amazingly enough, was not a gluey mess which happens a lot with angel hair. The slivered artichoke appetizer with a lemon dressing was equally good . My friend had the same pasta, but chose the roasted beet with goat cheese salad as a starter and enjoyed that.

It's a pretty place,too. It's elegant without being fussy and hip without being trendy. It's a great addition to Hollywood.

Oh, the maitre d' knows his wines. It was our first visit there and when the weather warms -up I know we will be on the patio enjoying another meal.

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    1. re: Diana

      6541 Hollywood Blvd. West of Wilcox, north side of the street.

      Pastas were around $18.00.Starters in the $10 range. Wine was pricey-few under $50 and all Italian.

      I forgot to mention, we received complimentary glasses of an excellent Sicilian dessert wine, and I normally dislike dessert wine. This one was fresh with a hint of orange and not cough-syrup sweet and thick. Can't remember the name. If it comes to me , I'll post it.

    2. I've been twice and enjoyed it very much both times. It is lovely, indeed. I hope more Chowhounders give it a try. Glad you enjoyed it.

      Location and menu/prices here:

      1. Dinner at Melograno was overall very good on Thur May 9. Highlights:
        The very interesting and superb wine list and sommelier who recommended a "Kerner" which was new to me, a little like a Riesling but richer. Great selection.
        - Service was outstanding. I took an older relative who has lived in Hollywood since the 60s. (who was hip before the hipsters parents were hip). Everyone was really nice to her which was great.
        - Food was a little uneven but overall really good. Had a beet 'carpachio' thin sliced beets with a goat cheese puff (?) awesome, of course I like beets. The heirloom tomatoes were a little off probably because the season is just starting. We split a main entree of halibut which was really good. Excellent mushroom accompaniment.

        A little pricey but worth it. I completely agree on the very knowledge maitre d' - very nice guy too.- The vibe was really nice - people having a good time but not deafening (important for older folks who can't hear well)

        A great addition to the pizza places on Hollywood Blvd. DW Griffith's star is right outside.