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May 9, 2008 07:52 AM

Most Romantic Birthday Dinner Spot?

My birthday is next week. My boyfriend is asking ME what I want to do (ack...I hate that, but I can't expect him to read my mind). I said "dinner in the most romantic spot in LA." I have lots of ideas about where that would be, but I thought it would be fun to get everyone else's opinion. I love rustic, I love high end, I love it all, but the unusual kinda places are the ones I like the most...................thoughts?

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  1. Chef's Tasting At Providence

    Dinner at Inn of the Seventh Ray

    COurtyard seats at Chez Mimi

    Afternoon picnic with a basket from the Little Next Door or wine and cheese from the Artisan Cheese Shop, at Will Roger's Park (not the beach, the house and yard) or take the basket to the Hollywood Bowl for dinner and a show.

    Wine tasting in Santa Ynez (not in LA) followed by dinner in Los Olivos

    Urasawa. Just Do It.

    A sexy picnic (with aforementioned basket) on your bed with the room decked out with candles and such. Finger foods and the like work best.

    Arrange (if you can) a private chocolate and wine flight at boule or Sona.

    1. Ortolan is very sexy.

      So is Whist at the Viceroy. Too bad L'Orangerie is gone.

      1. I've always thought Grace had the classiest decor, and great food and service to match the whole experience.

        If it's cozy confines you like, head to Lou on Vine.

        I'm a big advocate of shared plates, so Lou is obviously part of that, as well as AOC and Orris.

        1. I like dining on the patio at the Wilshire, and have a drink (before or after dinner) at the Penthouse in Santa Monica.

          1. Little Door really does it for me too. Then again, so does Cafe Stella in Silverlake and Pace in Topanga Canyon. For my birthday this year we went to Lucques, which I love, but have to admit, have never found to be cozy or sexy. (Amazing food, but more, comfortable than special) Ditto for last years b-day dinner at Hatfields.

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              Think you meant Laurel Canyon and not Topanga with your Pace recommendation.