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May 9, 2008 07:38 AM

Jack's Firehouse

I've lived in this neighborhood for a while now and have yet to eat here! Any comments on the place? I had drinks there once and looked over the menu, which seemed good if a little boring.
I recently saw that this guy was on food network at one point?

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  1. You're about right. Good, steady, menu feels a bit static. Been there a few times over the last few years and wasnt disappointed. Always liked his black eye pea and hog jowl soup.
    He was on Grillin n Chillin with bobby flay some years back..

    1. I've been there twice with my young family and it's been successful - we showed up at about 5pm both times and we were asked if we had reservations although the restaurant was mostly empty - filled up more before we left though.

      Really enjoyed the smoked brisket and pulled pork appetizers. Apparently, they're known for the BBQ items. Appetizers are large and could serve as a small dinner size if you got a salad too. I had a fish entree that was tasty and the vegetables/potatoes that accompanied were fresh and plentiful. The scones/muffins that came as pre-meal "bread" were nice but not perfect specimens (scones are tough and muffins are ho-hum) but the apple spread that came with them was great!

      They have a small list of children's meals but you have to ask for it. One time, my son had some excellent chicken fingers and the next had a very good grilled cheese sandwich. Each time though, his sweet potato fries were way overcooked.

      The fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies that came with the check were amazing, however!

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        Didn't Jack recently sell the Firehouse, and isn't he just "working there."

        My experiences there have been up and down. Prices are a bit high, very good wine list, definitely a carnivore kind of place. I enjoy the outdoor area, though the service when you are sitting out there is a bit hit and miss.

      2. You are right cwdonald Jack sold it late year.