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May 9, 2008 07:10 AM

Ninth Ave. International Food Festival

The Ninth Ave. International Food Festival is being held May 17-18 during my 4 day visit to the city. Is this worth checking out? We hope to see a lot during our visit and want to make sure this is as awesome as it sounds. Any thoughts?

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  1. Parts of it are fantastic, but most of it is the same stands you see at every street fair around Manhattan. The trick is to stick with sampling stuff from the local restaurants. I would usually get a slice of sour cream and apple walnut pie from Little Pie Co. and a suckling pig sandwich from Uncle Nick's, and some noodles from Wondee. They also have great seafood down toward Port Authority.

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      Agreed. I also like Millie's pierogi, crayfish from Delta Grill, lasagna from Manganaro's, olive twists from Amy's Bread. It will be interesting to see if any of the new restaurants weigh in with anything interesting.

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        Agree w/A&W. It can be a good sampling of some of the Hell's Kitchen restaurants--just skip the traditional street fair stalls. I'd make a point to pick up a pastry at Poseidon if you go.

      2. Agree with the Millie's rec. They are very good. Poseidon Bakery always has good offerings and there's a whole pig on a spit at ... oh crap, I can't recall the name. I think it starts with "D", on the west side of the street, in the low 40s. (Sorry!) Also, usually Steve's key lime has a truck there as well. Fantastic and refreshing, especially if the weather is warm.

        The 9th Ave Biz Assn. has a little blurb up on their website about the offerings, but I think it might be old, or at least copied from years past because it mentions Ned Kelly's which has been gone for about 5 years now. But some of the other info is probably still good.

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          I think you're talking about Dalton's for the pig.

          I see that a lot of people like Millie's but I never thought they were very good. Kind of sloppy and carelessly made.

          I do like the seafood on the southside (the raw clams). I would also hit up Mitchel London and Little Pie Company. Poseidon is good if you like Greek desserts. I believe Empanada Mama has a stand as well. Definitely avoid all the typical street food fare and concentrate on the restaurants.

        2. Nowhere near awesome anymore, but there are still a few things well worth the trek: west side of the street, under the shadow of the Port Authority overpass, the Greek shop sells soft-shell crabs, clams et al; then step inside the store to score a feta-stuffed quail (or two) - still my fave thing on the whole strip. Pheasants also available, if you need a picnic bird. Ta Cocina, maybe in the mid-40's, east side, sells fairly authentic, tasty tacos. A couple of beers to wash it all down, then back to the Little Pie Co. for apple crumb pie dessert.

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            The raw and cooked seafood "bar" is my favorite, as well, but the stand is operated by the Seabreeze Seafood Market, not the Greek shop.

          2. The 9th Ave Festival is worth checking out for a couple hours, especially if you aren't familiar with a NY street fair. It is the one of the largest, if not the largest fair for the season. I wouldn't plan to spend the whole day there however. Personally, I prefer "A Taste of Times Square" in terms of food quality and restaurant sampling.

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              1. Not to be redundant (but I will), but stick with the "local" spots. I wouldn't spend too much time there as you can find just about any foods offered throughout NYC. IMHO, you can pretty much get the vibe of the whole thing between 38 and 45 Sts.