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May 9, 2008 06:15 AM

Paradisio in Swampscott

Anyone been to the Paradisio for a meal? And, if so, what did you get and did you like it? Meeting a friend from work there next week. Thanks

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  1. It's a great little restaurant. Good simple Italian food, and fairly reasonable. The bar area serves the same menu, as the dining area.

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    1. re: dbraham

      Thanks for the help. Found out that it is not open for lunch...Will have to go at dinner some time. Was planning to go to lunch with a co-worker.

    2. I would highly recommend Red Rock over any other spot in Swampscott. If you have the time, Try something in Marblehead on the harbor. The Landing is great for clients or the Hurricane is a great spot for Awesome Mexican cuisine. If you are looking for affordable cuisine, The Porthole is consistent. Try the fried pickles!

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        Thanks for the suggestions. Have never eaten at Red Rock but have been there for a drink. What do you think of Anthony's next door?

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          The food at both Red Rock and Anthony's is totally ordinary and forgettable. The view from both is wonderful, but the food isn't. IMO....

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            search the board on Red Rock and you'll find a Lot of Problems.

          2. re: drewinmrblhd

            Seriously? The Porthole? Perhaps something has changed since I lived in the area but I always thought of the Porthole as a place where folks went to get pickled not eat pickles! lol Truth be told its been YEARS since I've had a meal there.

            I do like the Landing though, as well as Flynnies (great for lunch) and The Barnacle in Marblehead.

            I went to Paradisio a couple years ago and remember a yummy gnocchi dish.

            Red Rock is decent for the area but I find it over priced and has service problems sometimes. My parents go there fairly regularly though just because its one of the best bets in town.

            1. re: drewinmrblhd

              We eat at Red Rock frequently (husband is from the Swamp and we spend a lot of time there). I have had *some* problems there from time to time, but overall, I enjoy our food. I do not think the bartenders have an attitude at all - Kenny Merlino has been a Boston bartender for MANY years and is fun and gracious to everyone. I never understand the complaints about attitude there. We did a reception there after my father-in-law's funeral last year, and the food and the staff were wonderful. Just goes to show that "one man's mutton is another man's filet mignon!" Try it, you may like it. The lobster pizza (while not Lydia Shire's Lobster Pizza) is quite good!

            2. I just posted about Red Rock on another entry....again, I went in Mid-April and it was, drinks, service.
              As for Paradiso, I love it there. I actually had my rehearsal dinner there last October. We had the whole back area, about 65 people. We had a family style menu. The service was fantastic, they could not do enough for us and the food was great, esp the homemade pasta.