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May 9, 2008 05:28 AM


Anyone been to Cabrito on Carmine St. yet? I don't know if it has officially opened yet but it has been busy the last two nights...

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  1. I ate there last night with a friend. It was quite tasty! They're still working out a few kinks I think, but overall a very good dining experience and one we will repeat. We came in fairly early (6 pm) and had no trouble getting a seat, but it was very crowded by the time we left. Service was pleasant and laid back, but efficient. We wanted to take our time and that wasn't an issue. We started with appetizers, guacamole & chips, and Shrimp-Tamarind Ceviche. The ceviche was absolutely amazing. The best thing we had. Tender tasty shrimp, with I think a pineapple salsa and pepitas. Perfectly seasoned. The guacamole was very good, nice acid balance. The chips were fresh and crisp. I meant to ask if they make their own tortillas, but if they don't they get them from somewhere good. For dinner I had two tacos, fish and skirt steak. The fish taco was a little disappointing. The beer-battered fish was bland and kind of mushy. It wasn't terrible but I wouldn't order it again. The skirt steak taco was very good - well seasoned, tender, fresh. My friend ordered the Chicken-Tomatillo Enchiladas and she enjoyed them, though she said they were a little salty. We also split an order of black beans and they were also heavy on the salt (and I tend to like my food on the salty side!) The restaurant is very attractive, with Mexican tiles on the walls. The garden wasn't open yet, so we didn't get to see that. But so far so good - I'm a California girl and finding good Mexican in New York is a challenge. Cabrito does a good job.