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May 9, 2008 05:05 AM

I-25 Denver to Albuquerque

Early next month we will be driving from Denver to Albuquerque. What are some "musts" to chow down at along the way? Any interesting off-the-beaten path places to see/stay?

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  1. On Interstate 25 southbound, exit 284 is Old Pecos Trail / Santa Fe. At the top of the exit ramp make a right turn and almost immediately another right turn. This will put you onto Old Las Vegas Highway and you'll think you are going back towards Denver.

    About a mile or two on that road and you'll be at Harry's Roadhouse on the left. Excellent for breakfast, lunch or dinner; Open everyday.

    Five or six miles further brings you to Bobcat Bite also on the left; open Wednesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7:40 p.m. Note, cash only.

    Bobcat Bite is legendary for their 10 ounce Green Chile Cheeseburgers.

    Further south on I - 25, at exit 242 is Bernalillo. At the top of this ramp turn right onto U.S. 550 towards Farmington and ignore the assorted fast food places. Go a little more than a mile and turn left at the traffic light (street is South Camino del Pueblo). Two miles puts you in the "heart" of Bernalillo. On the right is The Range Cafe. Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Bernalillo is 15 to 17 miles north of the Albuquerque city limits so you'll be "excused" should you prefer to just keep going to your final destination.

    All three of these places have been posted about here on ChowHound many times so a search ought to yield plenty of comments from others.

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      Trinidad, CO, just north of Raton Pass before you cross into NM, has a wonderful historic downtown and a few decent Mexican restaurants.

      Las Vegas, NM, reportedly has some worthwhile places too.

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        I was jst about to volunteer Trinidad as about your half way point. Gordito's on Main St. does a mean bowl of green chili, as well as enchiladas and burgers smothered with green. There are some neat artists' shops in the area on Main, also.
        I find Walsenburg and Las Vegas NM to be limited, unless there's something I haven't found.

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          I love Estellas on the main drag in Las Vegas. I've not been in several years and hope they're still open. A friend recommends a small cafe in Raton, I can't remember the name of, they have sporatic hours and I've never been lucky enought to eat there. Any one know about a place in Raton with good soups, sandwiches and house baked desserts?

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          I second the rec for Green Chile Cheeseburgers @ Bobcat Bite. I'm one of those odd birds who isn't a burger person, but theirs were so memorable that the mere mention of their name makes me salivate....

        3. If schedule allows, Conway's Red Top in CO Springs (several locations) for unique burgers and other homemade fare.

          1. We make a special point of stopping in Las Vegas for breakfast burritos or machaca at Charlie's Spic & Span Bakery and Cafe, 715 Douglas Ave. At the right time of day you can watch flour tortillas being made, and take a bag of them, or one of the cafe's excellent pies, with you as you leave.

            Here's an accurate review:

            1. When you get down to Pueblo, check out the Pantry across from the downtown library for a late breakfast or lunch, their green chili is to die for, try their smothered breakfast burrito or huevos rancheros!! Also give Papa Jose's or Jorge's (known for their killer margarita) for dinner before you head back up to Denver.

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                Haven't tried the breakfast, but I was very disappointed at the lunch I had there... I was expecting something like "The Pantry" in Santa Fe, though, so I don't know how much my expectations fed into it... so time the stop for the proper mealtime?

              2. On your way back home, get off I-25 at Monument and take Santa Fe (85?) up through Sedalia. Grab a burger at Bud's Burger. There's a reason that Westword (LoDo centric as it is) rates Bud's as the best.