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May 9, 2008 03:01 AM


I made muffins today for a brunch and I wasn't particularly happy with them. The flavor was good, but they were just sort of flat and unattractive. i want muffins with a nice full, rounded top to them, not ones that barely make it up to the top of the pan. The recipe I used was from Nigella's Domestic Goddess cookbook and contained melted butter and yogurt.

Ideally I would like a basic recipe that I could change by adding berries, citrus or chocolate chips. I am also slightly limited by location. I cannot get buttermilk, and items like half and half or cream are hit or miss. We do have outstanding yogurt though.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. A non-dairy substitute for buttermilk is (non-dairy mylk: we use Pacific brand lowfat vanilla almond mylk, but one could use soy or rice, etc.) and a tsp of apple cider vinegar. You could probably add the tsp of ACV to cow's milk with the same effect.

    1. I like the Best Recipe blueberry muffins recipe. I don't know how similar they are to Nigella's recipe. They contain sour cream but I've used yogurt interchangeably:

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        I like the Moosewood Restaurant recipe and it even has the variations/mix-ins listed. No buttermilk in this one but I always use regular milk plus vinegar when a baking recipe calls for buttermilk because if I buy the buttermilk I always end up throwing the rest of it away.
        Hope you like this recipe.

      2. These aren't "plain", but they are truly delicious. I made them last week. This site has many great, reliable recipes as well: