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May 9, 2008 02:24 AM

Brunch in Barcelona?

Anyone know of a place to have American style brunch in Barcelona? I'm thinking of a place that serves eggs/omelettes, waffles or pancakes, etc. Thanks!

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  1. Hi, breakfast like that is hard to find. Bar Kasparo does museli and there is a place called Bliss that does baked goods ad museli.

    1. Pretty sure Milk, in barrio gotico, has a weekend brunch. Also you can get a pretty good breakfast/brunch at the cafe Laie on Pau Claris (upstairs from the bookstore).

      1. Good question...

        Have been reading about Milk and their brunch, sounds pretty good. Have also seen some things about Flash-Flash, anyone been there?

        Looks like the Hilton has a Sunday brunch and that is probably american style but I haven't been.

        If you do find a place, please post back as I am interested in finding one as well. Thanks!

        1. Went to Milk and it was an interesting place, but I was a bit disappointed with what I had. I tried the Eggs Benedict (which seemed very popular, that and the Salmon Eggs Benedit) and was disappointed, I did not like the bread it was served on, it was a thick crusty hard?/toasted? white bread that I found hard to eat with the egg and bacon together, had to disassemble it in order to eat it, and several of the potatoes that came with it were barely cooked and hard to eat. Will go back though, my husband liked the Salmon one and there were some other interesting things on the menu I want to try, maybe my serving was just an exception. They did have pancakes and waffles on the menu as well.

          1. Not sure about pancakes but at Quim de Boqueria (in Boqueria market), they cook a wide range of foods readily available from the market. Photo attached is my "power breakfast"...Sauteed Wild Forest mushrooms topped with egg and a caramelized Fois gras (yes, with sugar crystals), then drizzled with thick, aged balsamic vinegar. This was downed with a mimosa of freshly squeezed orange juice and local cava.