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May 8, 2008 10:11 PM

Ford's Filling Station?

Hello fellow CH'ers,
I've wanted to try Ford's Filling Station for some time, so the BF and I have reservations for this Saturday night, but now I'm hearing rumors that the place is overrated. Opinions?


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  1. I am neither impressed nor disappointed, though my last time there was during the DineLA prix fixe ( full review here: ), I found the food unnecessarily rich and heavy. Given other restaurants I like better in Culver City ( Beacon, K-Zo ) and others I've still to try ( Akasha, Fraiche) I'm not particularly eager to make a return trip anytime soon.


    1. I love Ford's and eat there about twice a month. The thing to keep in mind with Ford's is that it's not really where to go for a "special" meal. It's a neighborhood spot with stiff drinks and solid food. Nothing on the menu is particularly creative or innovative, just good American comfort food done well. I'm a huge fan of the braised kobe beef cheeks.

      It's really more of an upscale pub than a fine-dining establishment. If you're looking for something a little more refined, I recommend Fraiche.

      1. I ate there once, about 6 months ago, and wouldn't go back. The food was pretty good but our server practically ignored us, and the place wasn't that busy at the time.

        1. I think Culver City has many more interesting opportunties in the same price range. We found the food mediocre and overpriced and the 'tude level of the staff commical.

          1. I think it's a fun spot for a good meal, if a little pricey for what you get. But the polenta dish is in a class by itself, and the drinks are good.

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              Agreed. I crave that polenta cake dish all the time! The sauce (like a tomato broth) is light, but reminds me of a warm, hearty ragu.

              Additionally, Ford's has a great-tasting burger. It's got a lot of flavor and is juicy without being messy (drippy). The bun, however, is a little too dense and tends to mask the flavor of the beef. Eat the tomato separately -- it's cooked in something that makes it good on it's own.

              The cheeses and cured meats are yummy and always fun to get.

              1. re: naboli

                Thanks for the feedback everyone!