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May 8, 2008 09:38 PM

Recs for Cobourg area?

Looking for unique recs for Cobourg / Port Hope area.
Used to enjoy "Garth the Bread Man" in Cobourg, but he's gone.
Any style of food; just NOT ordinary, chain food.

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  1. My family LOVES the German restaurant in Cobourg, The Matterhorn (although I haven't been myself). The Oasis is pretty decent as well.
    The Buttermilk Cafe is great for breakfast, if you can get a seat.

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      Well, I suppose it isn't a chain restaurant, but really, I don't see myself going back to The Matterhorn again. It was just o.k.. I ordered a peach melba for dessert, having been used to the ones served at the much loved Green Valley Restaurant in Ottawa (these were grand -- balls of ice cream, surrounded by columns of whipped cream, topped with half a peach and black raspberry sauce, all atop a liquor soaked disc of sponge cake), and The Matterhorn seriously disappointed with a scoop of generic vanilla ice cream topped with jam. Not only was it a poor version, but it wasn't worth the price.

    2. In downtown Cobourg, I like the Oasis Bar and Grill/Crabby Carol's Oyster Bar. If they haven't changed suppliers, oysters come from Rodney's.

      Just north of Cobourg about 15 minutes straight along Hwy 18, The Victoria Inn located on Rice Lake is a lovely place with nice food and just about the best lakefront patio you could hope for. Spectacular sunset views. It is country style high end food, so don't expect Susur, but do expect to have a nice evening.

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        It has been about six months since I've been there, but I've always been fond of Zest, in the downtown district of Port Hope. Interesting, somewhat imaginative menu, reasonable prices (you don't get out of the resto starting gate in this town unless your prices are reasonable). Also a decent wine list at fair markups - I recall a nice, eminently drinkable glass of house white at $5. A large, airy room with well-spaced tables - and, in summer, a pleasant, open back porch - with smart, well-informed waiters/waitresses despite the constant staff turnover (my last one was an out-of-work actress and she was terrific). Well run, which you don't often find in the restos of smaller communities. The locals seem to like it a lot. There's a large parking lot attached.