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May 8, 2008 09:14 PM

Need a Meeting Place for Bookclub near 405/101


Everyone is so helpful on this board so I thought I'd throw my latest dilemma out for suggestions. I just joined a bookclub and the members are pretty spread out geographically. I think we would all be happy meeting at a quiet restaurant so that we could hear each other talk that doesn't mind us not being so quiet. It must be a not-too-expensive restaurant around the 101/405. The food should be good and "safe" for the ladies - italian or american fare with salads on the menu (you know, girly chow). Any suggestions?

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  1. A small Italian restaurant with excellent food, and vegetables from their own garden is La Pergola. On Ventura Boulevard, just East of Sepulveda. Quiet, great service and not terribly expensive.

    A bit more pricey, but also good Italian is Panzanella. Almost just across the street from La Pergola, on the South side of Ventura Boulevard.

    I'd stay away from the Galleria restaurants (Cheesecake Factory, etc . . . ) as they are terribly loud and very crowded.

    1. Marmalade Cafe is right near there, and very nice for "ladies". American with salads on the menu is a dang good description. I also like La Frite in that area. French, though. IS that OK?

      Down Ventura a bit is Il Tiramisu, a very nice Italian place with very good food.

      Along a ways from that in Sherman Oaks one can find Cafe Cordiale, very nice food and salads

      I think all of those would work, but I have to say, Cafe Cordiale may be the best fit. Plus, the owners are really nice and good with parties and groups.

      Is this dinner or luncheon?

      1. Thanks Diana. It is a dinner, around 7PM, function. Cafe Cordiale sounds promising. I think Marmalade may be too loud. We need to be able to hear ourselves pontificate after all. :)