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May 8, 2008 08:27 PM

Williamstown MA - Berkshires - High End?

Hello Chowhound family,

After lurking around these boards for a long time I've finally registered to start poasting, and of course it begins with a request.

I'll be in Williamstown tomorrow afternoon through the following day, at a wonderful B&B in the area for my fiance's birthday... we're trying to find a nice place for dinner tomorrow night, on the high end of things. Don't mind driving a ways. We're down for fine cuisine but consistency might be more highly rewarded than adventure.

Hopefully I'll be contributing more than just requests to this board in the future! Thanks for your help.


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  1. Definitely, go to Mezze!! Check them out at .

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    1. re: la ciclista

      Strong second for Mezze! Bar room for livelier scene, dining room for more romantic atmosphere.

    2. My husband and I ate at Mezze a couple of week-ends ago with a couple of friends and had a great experience. The food is excellent. Check out our 5 minute video and/or the review that I wrote up at

      We have created our website just to show what the restaurants are like in Western Massachusetts - Berkshires area and we are having a lot of fun eating.