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May 8, 2008 07:48 PM

Pork chops... not so much chops

Looking for a couple recipes for pork chops that are not so much chops any more, would more likely be chopped/cubed. Almost all recipes I have are for actual chops, not the same meat in a different form. Looking for something that would work well.

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  1. Are you considering cutting up the loin chops you find in the usual meat package, or are you starting with another cut? I am not sure I understand what you mean.

    However, there are good recipes for cut up pork that used in Mexican and Korean cooking. The cut is usually pork butt or shoulder, but a cut-up pork chop will do just fine.

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    1. re: RGC1982

      Sorry, upon rereading I was very vague. I bought pork chops, but cut the bones out of them (I saved them, will use for stock or something similar) but as the chops were sort of thin to start with I made a bit of a mess of them (I'm new to this).

      So I was looking for ideas for cut up pork chops other than traditional stir fry, maybe in some sort of casserole or otherwise baked dish?

      1. re: thejavuar

        Well, if they're not toooo thin, you can cut them into cubes and make shish kebab. Pork shish kebabs are common street food in many parts of Greece, and so good. Best when cooked over charcoal, but when laziness strikes, I have used my cast iron stove-top grill with success. Marinade for ten or fifteeen minutes in a little olive oil (evoo not required!), some lemon juice, and a little thyme, then thread onto skewers and broil.

        If you want to "go for broke," pull them off the skewer by wrapping a warm pita around them, then top with tzatziki, fresh mint and super-thin sliced red onions.

        For tzatziki, drain some plain yogurt (the longer you drain, the thicker it gets), add a peeled grated cucumber or two, a couple of cloves of garlic, a touch of salt and a little olive oil, stir and let sit at room temperature while you grill the kebabs. Any remaing tzatziki can be stored in the yogurt carton in the refrigerator and used as a sauce for just about anything. Well, except apple pie maybe. '-)

    2. Sweet and sour pork and Asian stir-fry.