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MSP...Where Can I Buy Chunk Hardwood for Smoking / Grilling?

I got a brand new 2-chamber smoker bbq grill, and I want to do some slow-smoked meats this weekend. Looking for either oak or apple. What's a good place to go for quality grilling hardwoods in lieu of charcoal? West Metro preferred.

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  1. I get wood at either Gander Mountain, or Home Depot.

    1. Having just completed a search of the west metro, I can tell you that it will
      be easy to find hickory or mesquite chunks at Home Depot, Menards or Gander
      Mountain. Gander Mountain also has a variety of wood chips (maple, apple, cherry),
      but I don't find those to be terribly useful with my Weber Smoky Mountain.

      For fruit wood chunks, I wound up ordering from Hawgeyes BBQ
      (hawgeyesbbq.com). Pricing was OK, not great, but I was desperate for
      some apple and peach chunks.

      1. Hackenmueller's in Robbinsdale has a pretty broad selection of woods, in addition to the standard Hickory and Mesquite. (And great sausages to boot) I've definately seen Apple there, and they may have Oak as well. You could try giving them a call before heading over.

        There was a company at the Minnesota State Fair that had an even wider selection, and also offered bbq classes, but I can't think of the name for the life of me.

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          I think it's The Outdoor Cooking Store in WBL that is at the State Fair. They also make a market in charcoal. As intimated, you may need only a few water soaked small pieces to get the flavor you are looking for. FWIW, tho I have a 1 chamber grill, I use just a small handful of pieces for a chicken, and that is just in the 1st hour of a 2 hour cook.

          At above's cooking class, they recommend for a brisket 6 hours on the smoker, then finish it off in the oven for a similar time, if I remember.

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            Hmm, I thought the Outdoor Cooking Store had closed. Not true?

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              You are right! OCS is closed. The owner still may be selling lump charcoal....Northwest Charcoal 612 879 8044

        2. I was at Midtown Global Market today and noticed that right across from the cash register at Callister (ie., in the aisle between Callister and the produce stand--Farm in the Market, I think it's called) is a little display of chunk wood: Mequite, Pecan, Hickory, and Applewood $8.69/bag. I don't know if that's West enough for you...


          1. The whole foods near lake calhoun has it.

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              Stopped @ Hackenmuller's on the way home. Gawt Damn! They have Cherry, Apple, Alder, Oak, Mesquite, Hickory, Pecan...and IIRC it was about $8 per bag. I also got a lb of their house smoked bacon, house made brats, some spicy sticks and a package of Italian Sausage. Will be going back to them whenever I want prime beef cuts for home use. what a great butcher.

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                Good choices at Hackenmueller's. The Brats are outstanding (especially if you cook them over lump charcoal). Dara Moskowitz also raved about the "yard sausage" a couple of years ago.

                Don't forget that there's a Wuollet's a few doors down from Hackenmueller's. That block can really do wonders for your next picnic.

            2. if you are *serious* about your smoker woods, don't have a private source, and don't mind buying some *very* nice wood from kinda shady/grungy folks, you'll check out northwest charcoal and chemical (ignore the chemical part of the name) 2900 17th ave south minneapolis (on the corner).

              pull up on the 29th street side, look for the open garage door, walk in (announce yourself, loudly, sometimes there is a pit bull). office is on the left side, about 10-20 ft from door, look for the guy smoking a cigar (probably). don't know his name. . . you can buy *whatever the hell you want* as far as wood goes, by the pound. if they don't have it on hand, they can get it for you. note that these are many times logs, not "chunks" and you may need to break down the wood further with your own saw. otoh if you have a serious bbq habit or a large pit of your own, it's great.

              home depot has bags of chunks, they work well, i think like $13 for 20 lbs?

              we also like to develop relationships with farmers at the local farmers markets who have orchards. they bring in trimmings, we buy the wood at the same time as getting veggies and meat at the market-- everyone's a winner. sometimes you can even arrange to go out to the farm with a trailer and chunk up a tree or two with your own chainsaw and haul it off-- at little or no cost to you, & you're saving the farmer some work.

              1. Coastal Seafoods carries nice hardwood charcoal.

                1. Here is where I go to get good hardwoods for smoking and charcoal.


                  There out of shokopee right near canterbury downs, you place the order online then tell them you want to pick it up at the warehouse to save shipping. They've always been very friendly and helpful with me. Hope this helps.