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May 8, 2008 07:11 PM

Cold Crawfish makes this foodie mad!

Just ate at the Galley tonight on Metairie road. Usually killer food although pricey. I don't mind pricey when product is good. Tonight it was awful. I do not understand when you go to a sit down restaurant that serves crawfish and charges a ton for them why they cannot manage to serve them hot??? i boil crawfish almost every weekend in season. it's not hard. if i owned a place that served them i would monitor the batch to see if it was getting cold. if so i would drop them back in hot boil for 10-15 seconds before serving. this makes me so mad. we had 9 pounds crawfish, cold corn and potatoes, great onion rings and three beers. it was 74.00. I tipped 14 bones and it was 88.00 total. I was so mad when I realized I could of just boiled my own and had HOT crawfish. If anyone reading this works or lowns a place that serves/ sells crawfish please listen,,,serve them hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Chilled boiled seafood isn't wrong or bad--in fact, it is fairly common all over south LA. Many restaurants will ONLY have chilled boiled seafood (especially common with boiled crabs). If you're particular, you should ask first.

    To get HOT crawfish, you pretty much either have to have good timing or be at a restaurant doing serious volume so that they're boiling continuously. You can't really hold crawfish indefinitely at a food-safe temp (over 140 degrees) without an eventual loss of quality--it is easy to go from perfectly cooked to stuck-in-the-shell overcooked if you continue to hold the crawfish at high temps.

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      yes, i know all of the above. just letting off steam (no pun intended) as i do love them hot. i guess i shoudl tell them that and say that i will wait however long it takes to get them hot!

    2. I've always considered the "cold" crawfish thing to be a New Orleans thing. All the places I've ever eaten crawfish at outside of New Orleans has always been piping hot. Maybe it is because most of the places in New Orleans don't particularly specialize in crawfish so they have to worry about other food items, whereas alot of places near Lafayette usually specialize in them so they are always hot.

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        Yeah, to me as well, "city" = "cold boiled seafood". My city uncle always wanted his boiled crabs cold, whereas the rest of us scarfed 'em up just as soon as we could stand to touch them. Now I need to go get some boiled crabs, dammit.

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          MMMMmmmm... Crabs... are they looking good yet?

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            Crabs are fine--we didn't have an especially cold winter, so they're plenty good right now.

      2. I'd gladly pay that for any crawfish, even cold. Up here I am lucky to get them for $9 a pound, and since they don't know what they are doing, they are not seasoned properly or boiled properly.
        Cold crawfish the day after a boil were always great.
        Having boiled crawfish for various businesses and parties, we would not allow them to cool off too much, when people were ready for more we would dip them back in the water and then dump them on the tables.

        1. Cold is best for me. This is how I ate them as a New Orleans native. I have lived in Lafayette now for 50 years and of course, all boiled seafood is served hot. Sometimes I will call ahead in the afternoon and place an order for boiled crabs and instruct them to place them in the cooler for my arrival in the early evening. Two things I miss about New Orleans ... cold boiled seafood and a proper roast beef poboy.

          1. I note for people who might not notice that this thread is six years old.