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May 8, 2008 07:06 PM

Late Night Izakaya Calgary

I went to a new Izakaya last night just off 16th Ave NE next to bubblemania.
It's open late... proper late, til 1a.m. on weekdays, til 2a.m. Friday and Saturday, and til 11 on Sunday.
Late night Japanese in Calgary, finally!!!!
We enjoyed some sushi, udon, beef tataki, sunomono with ebi and a light dessert.
Everything ranged from good to very good, with standouts being the tataki and a very tasty dashi served with the udon.
A good selection of bevs was offered, including a very respectable sake list.
I was so pleased to discover this place, they're having their official grand opening tomorrow. All those who've been craving more late night options, I encourage you to check this place out.
Shibuya Izakaya
453 16 Avenue NE

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  1. Thanks for the report on this place Beks. I drove by it the other day and thought that it could be a great late night spot for me (as I live in walking distance). I think I might give it a try tonight!

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      Yes, finally we have a decent place for a late japanese food. I tried it tonight with my co-worker.

      We had beef tataki, chicken Udon, Sashimi salad roll, and shrimp Tempura.

      food is great, service is great, a little bit pricy for the portion, but I think is worth it if they stay open that late.

      For some reason it's kind of reminds me of the Guu Gas town in Vancouver.

    2. We went to check the place out on Friday and totally loved it. It was packed (as I understand it was their grand opening) and lively. They have a great menu with lots of selection and some really interesting rolls. The service was also excellent - we sat at the bar, which looks into the open kitchen and even the sushi chefs were especially friendly. We especially loved the black cod with miso. What a great addition to the Renfrew neighborhood.

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      1. re: Jigga

        i have to go there! it is very interesting. here is calgary doesnt have any izakaya style restaurant. even globe fish is not they have YAKITORI?

        1. re: CODA

          Correct Globefish does not serve yakatori. Odd really, being that the market for grilled meat is oh so Alberta. Someone open a yakatori izakaya in Calgary, we will beat the doors down.


          1. re: KamakuraKid

            I went to Shibuya during my stay in Calgary and it was ok nothing amazing. I should state that I am a snob and frequent the Izakayas in Vancouver very often.

            I had the following dishes
            miso grilled cod which was really tasty
            the Ebi chilli Mayo which had a little too much hot sauce which is sad cause the shrimp tasted good, hot sauce on the side would of been better,
            Yaki udon - i didn't like the white sauce nor all the fish eggs.
            Beef tataki - quite enjoyable
            Korokke - the curry sauce was nice but the Korokke wasn't nice and fluffy like I am used to.

            I am sure they will be able to improve their menu in a short time.

            pictures can be found on

            1. re: tom_edo

              Your blog- wow- there is so much better sushi here than Towa- and Julio's Barrio? Please post here for recs next time. Julio's is one of the worst excuses for a restaurant this city has ever seen.

              BTW Tubby Dog kicks ass- you ordered the wrong thing.

      2. Visited Shibuya Izakaya for the first time on Friday night (actually early Saturday morning, wow they're open late!) with a friend- I had a hankering for some ramen. It was great! Now, I'm no ramen expert, but I really liked the curry flavour with the chicken tonkatsu in it. My companion had what appeared to be a shio ramen, we both finished our (big) bowls.. Fantastic.
        We also ordered the grilled saba, I wouldn't order it again..

        Yaay late night ramen!

        1. Five of us visited Shibuya last evening and enjoyed ourselves very much. We shared:
          - Prawn Tempura
          - Yam Tempura
          - Edamame
          - Octopus Karaage
          - Curry Ramen
          - Beef Uudon
          - Kiwi Paradise roll
          - Unagi Melody roll
          - Salmon Sashimi
          - Chicken Teriyaki

          Everything was great, save the edamame (some were cold, as if they hadn't fully made the trek from frozen to cooked). Of particular delicious note were the petite fried octopus, salmon sashimi, yam tempura, and kiwi/smoked salmon roll (an interesting and surprisingly excellent match of flavours). The salmon sashimi was quite fresh and cut perfectly to taste very creamy.

          Unfortunately, the joint was rather quiet when we arrived around 11:00 PM with only two other tables occupied. It never really got busy, despite a line-up at Bubblemania a couple of doors down.

          For about $25/person (tax + tip included), I'd say the food-to-price value is more than fair. We didn't drink anything but water (which was also delicious--just the right amount of lemon-y flavour!). We're going back to try the fried matcha ice cream.