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May 8, 2008 06:56 PM

One Night in LA


I will be staying one night at a hotel near LAX. I would like your restaurant recommendations. I am open to most any cuisine and price point is not a particular concern. I will not have a car.

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  1. Here are a range of places, from higher end to lower end, in some of the recent threads on this subject. If you are cabbing it these should all be within $20 or so of LAX. If you end up with any specific questions on any of the places mentioned please post again and I am sure someone will post the answer.

    1. My vote would be for Cafe del Rey in the Marina. About 5 miles from LAX. Cailfornia Asian cuisine and very consistent. It's a handsome restaurant on the water, great food, great bar scene and very California if that's what your looking for.