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May 8, 2008 06:40 PM

Welcome back Ruby et Violette!

So I have yet to meet the person that dislikes cookies and I hope I never do.

I saw on Eater yesterday that Ruby et Violette was reopening and I just happened to be in Hell's Kitchen for work so I ran over on my lunch break.

The space is small and narrow but they have a few cute tables for you to sit at and the white decor makes the space feel a little bigger than it is.

I walked in about 12:00 and was cheerily greeted by all the women behind the counter.

I had no idea what kind of cookie I wanted...which was perfect because they were doing a cookie tasting!!!

Okay free cookies! This already the best day ever!

I took a bite of the Homerun which was a chocolate based cookie with Baby Ruth candy bar chunks and caramel apparently imported from Italy.

This was good gut very sweet. A little too much for me. The other two I ended up tasting though I ended up buying.

The first one was called the Perfect cookie.

Why perfect? Because it really is the perfect balance of semi-sweet chocolate and cookie dough in a semi-cripy crust gooey center that might make it the most perfect chocolate chip cookie.

Don't get me wrong- I love Levain but sometimes it's just to big - and City Bakery? A little too crispy for my tastes. This fell right between.

The other one was a new one they were trying out- the camel popcorn cookie. This was also very good.

I was worried about the Carmel drizzeled popcorn getting
hard through the baking process bu it didn't . It tasted kind of like a salty Carmel Frappocino to me (in other words pretty freaking awesome)

The last one though was my favorite- the Marshmallow.

This little guy was so chewy and sticky that he literally got stuck inside the bottom of my bag.

Um Yeah...This is basically a perfect with marshmallow inside..Need I say more? One of the best cookies I have ever had. Chewy, moist, gooey, rich all of it!

I loved this place. They also have ice cream which is whatever the flavor is and then the cookie dough mixed in.

For example the espresso is espresso ice cream with espresso cookies dough batter mixed in. The pistachio is pistachio ice cream with perfect cookie dough mixed in. This place is like a dream come true for ice cream and cookie lovers!!!

If only I lived closer!

The staff were super friendly ands after my disappointment at Insomnia this was a nice surprise. Worth the walk over to 10th Avenue- check them out. Really nice little delights!

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  1. Descriptive and entertaining review, roze. Thanks. :)

    I have to admit that I'm that weirdo who usually prefers her superfluous calories in the form of pork belly or some greasy fries rather than sweets, but now I know where to take my sugar fiend SO.

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    1. re: cimui

      Ha! You're not a weirdo at all. I need both! I went and got my fry and meat fix later that night at Les Halles.

      Looks like salads all day today to make up for it (sigh).

    2. Woo hoo! Glad to see they've finally reopened! My favorites are the strawberries & champagne, the lemon & white chocolate, and the chocolate chip & blueberry cookies.

      I'm surprised, though, that they're offering pistachio ice cream. I thought the owner had a longstanding "no nuts" policy.

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      1. re: a_and_w

        Interesting. When I was being given a peice of the Home Run cookie the woman behind the counter made sure to let me know there were nuts inside so their policy must have changed. I didn't see a strawberries and champagne cookie though. Hopefully they didn't take that one away to put the nut cookies in!

      2. Roze, thank you for this post. I moved a block away from this shop last July and was always intrigued by it--it seemed so out of place in my humble 'hood--but as it was under construction for so long, I had forgotten all about it and never would have thought to check it out if you hadn't mentioned it.

        So: I went in today and was instantly put off. The woman at the counter was rather obsequious. She made it sound like I was about to check in at the St. Regis. (She did offer me free samples, which I foolishly declined--but more on that later). And then there were the PRICES--$2.50 for one cookie?!? That's not much bigger than a Chips Ahoy?? I get the deal about the imported chocolate, etc etc, but I could not help but be offended.

        But, my sweet tooth being what it is, I figured what the hell and settled on 2 cookies. The first one I tried was called the Peach Cobbler. This was made using peach puree, white chocolate chips, and graham crackers.

        Well, let me tell you--never in my life have I had such inner confusion while eating a cookie. While my intellect was firmly clinging to the belief that NO cookie in the world is worth $2.50, another part of my brain was slowly awakening to the fact that this was unlike any cookie I have ever tasted in all my years of baking, buying, and eating them. The texture was masterful--soft yet somehow crumbly, moist but not gooey. The combination of flavors was unexpected and amazing. I don't even normally like white chocolate. In sum, the cookie was both "comfort food" and a gourmet experience at the same time--a very difficult balance to achieve.

        The second unbelievable cookie was called the Candy Bar. (I'll let you use your imagination on that one.)

        In the end, the apartment we moved to last July didn't work out--so we will be moving out of this neighborhood in a few weeks. And Thank God for that--if we didn't, I now know that I would be going broke buying cookies every day at Ruby et Violette for myself, my friends, and my co-workers. Because they are simply the best cookies I have ever had.