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May 8, 2008 06:33 PM

Road trip: West Sacramento to Yuma

Hi folks! We're actually traveling down from Portland to Sacramento on the first leg of the trip, staying overnight and then hopefully making the rest of the trip as fast and pleasant as possible -- given that we'll be driving a moving truck and have a 4 year old with us.

My husband was originally planning on driving down I-5 until at least the LA area before heading east but I'm hoping we can find other route options... new sights and hopefully some interesting places to eat instead of the usual fast food places.

I was thinking La Bou for breakfast (I miss their bread & pastries!) in West Sac but will accept suggestions for that as well... as long as it doesn't take us away from the highway, because I know hubby will be a man on a mission and he'd rather skip breakfast than take forever to get going.

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  1. Don't know about en route spots, but once you get to Yuma, be sure to go to Lute's Casino (a great old west bar & restaurant, not a gambling joint). Have the especial, which is a--ready for this?--combination hamburger and hot dog. Don't's good!

    1. West Sacramento to Yuma is 10 hours according to Google. It's a long drive, but it could be done in one day. There are many options depending on the route. It would take about 5 hours to hit LA and all the culinary options there, or a stop at Harris Ranch for a very good beef lunch. Another good option is to just grab some sandwiches from La Bou at breakfast - or Nugget Market in West Sacramento - and stop along the way; there is a nice rest stop at Tejon Pass for lunch.

      I would recommend the latter option with a 4 year old. The picnic lunch will give him or her a chance to run around mid trip, hopefully burning off enough steam to encourage a nap for the second half of the trip.

      1. Consider heading east at Bakersfield on Hwy 58 and bypassing most of LA. See this topic for further options:

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          thanks, DiveFan! I'd already read that one and forwarded it to the hub so he could start considering alternatives. But I was wondering if there were other routes we could look at, since we'd be coming from Sac instead of the Central Coast area.

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            That's one heck a long drive for one day, especially in a truck and with a young child. For safety's sake, take more stops (every two hours). Following Hwy 99 to B'field you'll have many rest and eating options.

            Taking Hwy 58 will be easier on the truck (shorter climb and downhill from Tehachapi, another good rest/eat location). Mojave *never* gets reported here, Barstow occasionally. If you go around the mountains through Yucca Valley, try to get to I-10 before dark.

            Following I-5/I-215 through the LA burbs will not be very chowish either and peaceful, child friendly rest stops will be hard to find. Other than Fredo's Phillys in Pasadena I'd defer to the Pasadena / IE experts on the LA board for more help.

            Somewhere near Indio might be a good dinner stop. Hwy 86 is good until close to Brawley, then you'll crawl to I-8.