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May 8, 2008 05:16 PM

Mothers Day at Bazin's?

I've never been there before, but have heard good things. I am, however, concerned about the noise and if their quality will suffer b/c it will be Mothers Day and will be crowded and busy...Should I be concerned about this?

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  1. nevermind, they are already booked!

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    1. re: HerndonFoodie

      Bazin's is boring and not particularly good. You can still get reservation for Sunday evening at plenty of better restaurants.

    2. I've enjoyed Bazin's on many occasions have had great meals and service. However, on Mother's Day last year the food was not very good - they had a price fix menu and seemed to lower their food standards and IMO make everything quite bland. I would definitely try Bazins on another day, but it is good for you that they are already booked this year.