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May 8, 2008 05:08 PM

Tapas in Miami?

Any great tapas restaurants in Miami and/or Southbeach? Help!

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  1. Xixon on Coral Way
    Karma- the gas station next to Dogma

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    1. re: jessierandall

      I haven't been, but there is a wine bar on Biscayne Blvd called BIN 18. They have to have tapas as it wouldn't be safe drinking a bottle and driving home without some sort of finger foods.

      With a little googling came across this on

    2. There's an existing thread which pretty much covers this ->

      Miami - What is the best tapas bar?

      And for general reference ->

      Unoffficial Compilation of "Best" / "Top" Lists

      JM.... Bin 18 is much less of a "wine bar" than I had been led to believe, nor is the menu very tapas-oriented. Rather, is mostly sandwiches and salads with usually a small selection of other entrees. Nonetheless what I've had there is pretty good.

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        Thanks for the redirection. It seems the searching of the threads is much easier than posting a question. I am making a trip in June to Key West and needed referrals and didn't even post a new topic, I simply did the search.

        Thanks again

      2. Yes, I found that after doing a little research. With that said though, I've found that sometimes the posts I pull up can be over five years old! Perhaps it's because I'm a newby and not quite sure if I am "searching" correctly; but I have gotten into trouble with an outdated post in the past where I did some heavy schlepping in NYC to find the best Italian pastires only to find the store went out of business. My fault, I know and I do know better now. But yes, much easier than posting anew. Thanks everyone.