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May 8, 2008 04:49 PM

Blue Moon Ice Cream

Does anyone know where to buy Blue Moon Ice Cream in Duluth, MN or Superior, WI? Anywhere in Minnesota, perhaps? I need a Blue Moon fix and can't drive 13 hours to Michigan to get it.

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  1. My husband recently came back from Liberty Custard in south Minneapolis talking about having sampled blue moon ice cream. I've never had it myself but that might be what you're looking for.

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    1. ah, you've made me remember an extremely traumatic projectile-vomiting incident circa 1972 (when I was in kindergarten). I won't burden you with a recounting, but will suggest you check out the Grand Ole Creamery on Grand Avenue in St. Paul.

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        I bet that vomit was a very vivid color. My face would be blue after eating a cone. Thanks for the tip on the Creamery.

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          Are any of the locations selling Chocolate Shoppe ice cream in your area?

          Minnesota locations -

          Northwest Wisconsin locations -

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            No, they are few hours away. I live in Central Minnesota. However, since I once drove 9 hours (roundtrip) from Dallas to Tulsa just to get a slice of walnut-crust raspberry cheesecake from a biker bar (best desserts ever, now defunct), I could manage a few hours drive to get some Blue Moon. On a business trip to Green Bay, I went to Sturgeon Bay to get a Blue Moon ice cream cone from the candy shop (Door County) in town. Spectacular, almost as good as Mooney's brand (in Michigan).

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              Also note that you can order ice cream online for delivery, including the blue moon flavor. The website sells ice cream made by many dairies, including Babcock Hall (University of Wisconsin at Madison), Cedar Crest, Chocolate Shoppe, Door County Ice Cream Factory, and Uncle Harry's. They even pre-package "Blue Moon Survival Kits" with pints of Blue Moon from each of four dairies. For details, see

              Is it possible that they sell blue moon flavor ice cream from Babcock Hall on the campus of UW-Superior? Maybe in the Rothwell Student Center, I'm guessing? It's worth looking into.

      2. There are various dairies that MAKE blue moon ice cream, so the key is to check their website or contact THEM to find out where their ice cream is sold (which ice cream shops in the area you're interested in). Dairies that make blue moon ice cream include:

        Sherman's Dairy Bar
        South Haven, MI
        This is probably the place you're referring to, but they don't distribute past the Chicago area.

        Cedar Crest
        Manitowoc WI
        "We do our best to appear in every food store within a day's driving distance of our Manitowoc, Wisconsin ice cream factory"

        The Chocolate Shoppe
        Madison WI
        Their ice cream is sold in stores with their own name as well as other, non-affiliated stores. "We currently distribute our super premium ice cream throughout Wisconsin, southeastern Minnesota, northeastern Iowa, and northern Illinois." You can find a list of the 21 stores in Minnesota which sell their ice cream at

        Meijer's stores sell it under their own label, but they don't have any stores in Minnesota (yet).

        There's a long entry about blue moon ice cream in Wikipedia, and it discusses some of the flavors ascribed to it:

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        1. re: nsxtasy

          I no longer know -- is Blue Moon a flavor or a brand? If it's a flavor, what kind?

          1. re: KTFoley

            It's a flavor, not a brand. The description of the flavor varies; click on the link in the previous post to read the Wikipedia entry that discusses some of the flavors with which it is associated.