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May 8, 2008 04:48 PM

Where to take steak lover in Brooklyn that also has other good food?

For my husband's birthday, I want to get him that big steak dinner that he loves, but I am not wild about steak so a place like Peter Luger's would be wasted on me. Is there somewhere else in Brooklyn that has a great steak but also excels in preparing other items?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Convivium in Park Slope serves a wonderful steak and everything else is great too.

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    1. re: Claire

      Agree totally, but I think it's important to note that the steak is a very large steak meant for 2 people (and priced that way as well). So, you might want to include another steak lover in your party.

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        I would second this recommendation, with the same caveat as Marion - that the steak is great but huge, so bringing along a second person (or being prepared to bring home a giant doggie bag) would be a good idea. It would certainly be a special birthday steak, though! Their other dishes are delicious, too, and the atmosphere, especially in the downstairs rooms or in the garden (which I would request when making your reservation) is lovely.

        1. re: Claire

          Just had that steak last week. DELICIOUS but also really fatty... it is rib-eye after all. High-end organic meat.

          Also, noodle pudding makes a pretty good steak along with their lovely italian fare.


        2. Try "Il Colloseo" on 18th Avenue and 77th Street. It's a quaint little restaurant that has the best home made italian food, thin crust brick oven pizza, excellent steaks you won't forget and some of the best calamari I have had in a long time. They also have mouth watering daily specials. I had the sworfish 4 days ago and I still cannot forget how good it tasted!

          1. I think the steak option at Blue Ribbon is pretty good, though that might also be a two-person job.

            1. The only Steak House is Ruth's Chris. When your steak is served,it's HOT and your last bite with be just as hot as the first. Warning: Do not touch the plate. Average price for the steak alone is $35-50, not cheap but the BEST.

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              1. re: Remag1234


                1) Its not in Brooklyn

                2) It doesn't have other good items as the OP requested

                3) Its not even that great of a steakhouse.

                  1. re: Scagnetti

                    Not to mention that your rare steak keeps cooking on that hot plate.

              2. You may also want to check out Embers in Bay Ridge Brooklyn.

                9519 3RD Ave
                Brooklyn, NY 11209-6845
                Phone: (718) 745-3700