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May 8, 2008 04:25 PM

Long Island Recs???

OK, so this is a bit embarrassing because I am a LI native, but living in California I've been out of the LI food loop for quite some time, and need help from fellow foodies.

So, we'll be spending a week in LI. Our base is in Massapequa, but I plan on giving my fiance the grand tour of my homeland, so we'll be heading out to the North Fork, Fire Island, Long Beach, and maybe even Montauk.

Any recs for any of those places would be greatly appreciated! Also, whatever's good within 20-30 minutes driving distance from Massapequa. Fine dining and dives alike! Especially authentic ethnic places! Yum!

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  1. NoFo: NoFo Table & Inn (pricey but great), Legends (more casual, great burger, pulled pork sammie, a great local place).

    Locally for you: Pizza, Grimaldi's Brick Coal Oven in Garden City, IMHO, is very worthy, especially if you are not "from here." Lots of good salads, etc. too.

    Blue Moon in RVC IMHO is a distant second in terms of Brick Coal Oven pizza.

    But, I do like George Martin's Grillefire in RVC for burgers, etc.

    If you like Japanese, Nagahama in Long Beach is outstanding. Nothing to look at in terms of decor, but good staff, great sushi chefs and very, very good and fresh sushi.

    1. If you want to have lunch close to home, you can go to All American Burger in Massapequa.
      On the North Fork you can got to Jedediah Hawkin's Inn in Jamesport. I am a fan of Tom Shaudel, and this is his place. If you go out to Montauk, you should stop at LUNCH in Amagansett for lobster rolls. The best lobster I have ever had was from Gosman's Dock in Montauk. Not sure if they are still open, but they were great.
      If you want to go somewhere for breakfast, go to Thomas' Ham & Eggs on Old Country Rd, almost across from Roosevelt Field.
      You are probably also within 30 minutes of Louis XVI in Patchogue. Very high end, formal dining though.

      1. I like Tai Show on Merrick Road in Massapequa for sushi. Decent sushi, and on the weekends, it's a definite "party" atmosphere, which can be fun if you're in the mood for it. Not at all the place for an intimate dinner on a Friday or Saturday night.

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        1. re: uncleozzy

          Thanks, guys! I can't wait to have lobster out east. I will check out the place in Amagansett for sure since that is another place I want to hit. Also, that Table & Inn place in NoFo looks amazing!

          I have been to Tai Show with my dad and agree with it being more about the atmosphere. Now I think he's all into Kotobuki in Babylon, so we will probably be eating there one night.

          Anything else???

          1. re: msciara

            You can also have an excellent lobster meal if you go to Jordan's Lobster in Island Park. Make sure to call in an order by size, say five pounds, and when you arrive you go to the back by the lobster tanks and they will hand you a steamed, cracked, cleaned and wrapped lobster. Then go to the Lobster Bar outside grab sides and a tap beer and sit at a table by the water. As much as I love All American and it is practically in your backyard I don't know that anyone with access to an In and Out Burger will be impressed. I would agree with the suggestion about Grimaldi's as I think it would be great to show your LA fiance what all the fuss about New York pizza is about.

            1. re: stuartlafonda

              Ha, it is pretty hard to beat In and Out, but All American may just work for an afternoon burger fix. I've been there before and do like the burgers.

              Jordan's sounds great too and I have a friend in Long Beach, so that might work out well.

              1. re: stuartlafonda

                So right about In n Out. I was recently in LA, and we literally mapped out our visit in advance, from the car rental pick up. I had my first of three In n Out visits, 45 mins. after landing.

              2. re: msciara

                My favorite lobster roll in Amagansett/Montauk is at Duryea's Dock and the view is a million times better than the highway where Lobster Roll (aka Lunch) sits. Gosman's is still there, just opened like nothing ever happened. Inlet is for sale now instead, lost their high-end chef, so can't say if they're any good anymore. Can't beat the view though. For sushi, everyone in town raves about WestLake. For dives in Montauk, with ultra fresh seafood, The Dock and Montaukett are always my favorites.

                Just went to North Fork Table and it's everything you've heard, we had a great meal (although the service was very amatuerish, I was guessing the waiter was really a busboy filling in for someone. I ordered some local mead and actually saw him go back to the bar and take a slug to check it out!). Also just went to Annona in Westhampton, equally good food (high end Italian)and atmosphere with the bonus (to my husband anyway) of being located atop a Bentley/Rolls Royce/Lamborghini etc dealer, he took a lot more smoking breaks than usual!

                Louis XVI is my favorite restaurant on Long Island, except I live too far away to get there much anymore.

                1. re: coll

                  Annona might be a better choice. I will have to compare online. That's funny about your husband!

                  I've also heard about Louis XVI, is that in Patchogue (spelling?)?

                  1. re: msciara

                    You spelled it perfectly, when I lived there people from out of state would call it "patch oh geeyou", we have a lot of weird town names don't we?
                    You can't go wrong with Annona and it's right off the main highway on the way to the Hamptons.

              3. re: uncleozzy

                I think the sushi at Minami, on Central Avenue (between Hicksville & Broadway) just north of Sunrise is much better.

                1. re: Scott_R

                  Ooooh, that's really close to home too. I will check that out. I heard there are some good Indian places in Hicksville too. Any recs for that?

                  1. re: msciara

                    Masala Wok is very good. It's a sort of Indian-Chinese-Thai in a very good way. If you go, be sure to try the Manchurian cauliflower appetizer and the lamb chops. The Hakka chicken is great.

                    If you want to venture north into Huntington, Quetzlcoatl is wonderful for Mexican, and much more reasonable than Besito. And Cassis Bistro has delicious mussels in an intimate, though not stuffy setting.

                    1. re: phofiend

                      Masala Wok sounds unique and excellent. I am always up for good fusion food. I will probably stay away from Mexican since I live in Los Angeles and eat so much of it (from taco trucks to high end) on a daily basis. Cassis Bistro sounds perfect too! Thanks!

                      1. re: msciara

                        (Cassis has a second location in Plainview that's a bit closer to Massapequa. It's not as cozy, but the food is still excellent.)

                      2. re: phofiend

                        I strongly disagree about Quetzlcoatl. I've been there twice now, and found it unexceptional: a foo-foo version of typical Americanized Mexican. With the loss of Fonda Coyacoan (something I'm still grieving), I don't know any place to get really good Mexican on LI (though Los Compadros is the best of what's left).

                        1. re: Scott_R

                          Four of us found Quetzlcoatl very unremarkable as well, The same group has frequented Besito and left much happier. I want to try breakfast at Quetzlcoatl before writing it off entirely, but it was disappointing overall. I miss Fonda Coyacoan, too.

                          1. re: mcf

                            Change of circumstances at Peace Street Kitchen (on 110 two blocks north of the Northern State). The former chef there now owns it, and the former owner chefs. Place is renamed "Gringo's" and it's now a sort of southwestern/Mexican/Caribbean (yes, Caribbean) place.
                            So far, I'm liking it; I had a chorizo quesadilla one night, the jerk chicken platter another time, and liked both. The food reminds me sort of Los Compadros (one of the better Mexican places around) with fresher, better ingredients, or Green Cactus, but with a more diverse menu.

                      3. re: msciara

                        If you just want your basic Indian-restaurant Indian food (is there a name for this, like "red-sauce Italian?"), try Kiran Palace, in the shopping center on the SE corner of 107 and Old Country Road. Not fancy, by any stretch, but solid, and good service. I also like Rangmahal, on 107, but I know others have had mixed experiences there.

                        I should also, while I'm thinking of it, highly recommend Tiny Thai on Main Street in Farmingdale. The name says it all; tiny place, very good food. Service can be slow, but it's usually worth it.

                        1. re: msciara

                          For Indian in Hicksville, try Diwan. It is the best I have found...
                          415 S. Broadway (in the Patel shopping center)

                          1. re: M_Crab

                            we're quite fond of house of dosas in the same neighborhood.all vegetarian too.

                    2. In Long Beach, it's Costal Grill (Grorge Martin's) for Japanese, it's Nagahama, hands down.

                      Stay away from places like Sugo's, Minnesota's, and most places on the West End.

                      1. The original comment has been removed
                        1. There is a Steak place in Brooks and Porter (I think the spelling is right?) in Merrick
                          That is one of the best on the Island.
                          Better than B & C, better than Tellers, better than Mortons , better than Jimmie Hayes and better than Blackstones.
                          Don't miss it.

                          1. Brooks and Porter in Merrick is the best steak place on Long Island, better than B&C, Tellers, Mortons, Jimmy Hayes, and even better than the Great Neck Peter Lugers.

                            1. re: PattieB

                              Will most definitely check Brooks and Porter out! My dad will be stoked for that too!