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May 8, 2008 04:08 PM

Downtown: Watergrill or Patina

Which one would you choose for a Thursday night dinner?

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  1. I would happily choose either place. If I was in the mood for seafood, WG. If I was not in the mood for seafood, or with a party with some wanting seafood and others not, I would choose Patina. I have always thought Patina had a better wines by the glass selection if that matters. Both have good wine lists, however. I have always had excellent service at both.

      1. I must say Water Grill. I have never been disappointed by their always impeccable seafood. Patina, in my latest meal was nothing special.

        1. Well, this is late. But WG for sure. I've had three stellar meals there this year. My two times to Patina - and I was a huge fan when it was on Melrose - were just ok. Nothing to warrant the price. That was the first year it was open, so perhaps it has improved. But WG is terrific.

          1. I would choose Patina myself, though Water Grill is fine, and probably more impressive. I never really love the food at Water Grill.