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May 8, 2008 02:39 PM

L'Espalier Lunch Questions

I'm very excited to finally be making it there before they move. Going for a celebratory lunch next week and had a couple questions:

Most importantly, anyone been for lunch recently? Recommendations?

But also, what to wear? I know their website says jacket preferred, but I'm thinking that might just be for dinner. Would slacks and a nice shirt be fine?

Lastly, any thoughts on which room is best? I've never been there before, but I understand there are several.

Thanks in advance for all the help.

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  1. I was there in Feb..and did the 6 course tasting. Ms 9 ordered frome the ala carte menu. There's also a 3 course prix fixe but the dishes didn't appeal to us.

    As to dress, it's probably the most formal restautant in Boston. All of the men were wearing suits and women in biz attire. I know I didnt wear a suit..don't recall if I wore a sports jacket or just a nice shirt/slacks. The tone seems to call out for more formality; rather than less..and it's the kind of place that a jacket would be appropriate; but probably not mandatory.

    Enjoy, it's a nice way to spend an afternoon.

    Here's some pics..

    I like the front room and would recommend reserving a table in the window.

    1. I was there for lunch three weeks ago. Both my DC and I I had the three course menu (there were two choices for appetizer and mains) and were very happy. Portions were not large but at $30 it was a good deal. The wine pairings for an addsitional $20 were a very good deal; the pours were generous and there was a different wine with each course.

      The lunch menu is quite limited because they do only a limited lunch business. Only one of the three dining rooms was in use - the front room on the second floor. And it wasn't full. There are a couple of tables in that room in the front window that would be pleasant but I found people watching in the dining room more interestig.

      Attire ranged all over the map. While some patrons wore more formal attire, there was one young couple who arrived in jeans. Slacks and a nice shirt would be fine.

      BTW, we asked and they will not be moving until September. The opening of the hotel has been delayed by the construction fire a month or so ago.


      1. I was there for lunch in January and had the lunch degustation with wine parings which was excellent. I assume the menu has changed since then but I would recommend whatever foie gras they have on the menu and also the cheese plate. I found the attire to vary. I didn't see jeans but there was a lot people dressed in business casual attire. I felt slightly overdressed in a suit.

        1. I went for lunch back in February. It was wonderful: not crowded, excellent service, and amazing wine pairings (a lamb cassoulet with a red that made me giddy w/ pleasure). My DC and I had a table by the front window, which was very cozy on a rainy day. I wore nice pants and a sweater and felt fine. I do advise budgeting at least 2 hours for the meal. Time flies when you're having fun eating/drinking!

          1. I had lunch yesterday at L'Espalier. Two of us had the Prix Fixe, which was excellent and a good amount of food for lunch. I'd recommend the radish soup and the beef tenderloin. My husband had the Degustation menu and loved the white asparagus, scallop, and beef. If you do the prix fixe, I'd recommend adding a cheese course before dessert. Their cheeses are worth it!

            People were very dressed up, so I would recommend going with a jacket, although you'd be okay without it. We ate on the 2nd floor in the back room because there was a private party going on in the front room. It was alright. Service is excellent. Our waiter helped us pick out a delicious wine that went well with our entrees. And they remembered to congratulate my friend which was a nice touch. I had told them when I called that we were celebrating her finishing her PhD.

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              Thanks to all who helped out. Figured I would post a review:

              The food was certainly good, though I'd say I was not blown away by it. My girlfriend and I both had the degustation menu, and between the two of us sampled the entire menu.

              The highlight was the middle course white asparagus with crispy prosciutto and a fried quail egg. The mains, beef tenderloin and lamb chops, were both excellent as well. Also, the lemon panna cotta was really delicious, a very refreshing way to end the meal.

              However, I was a bit underwhelmed by the signature Lobster BLT and the seared scallop starters. The lobster in the BLT was way too finely chopped, and had lost that lovely tenderness. And unfortunately, the cheese sampling was really lackluster - small portions of only three different cheeses, none of which were otherworldly.

              Service was great as expected, even offering to substitute a new amuse bouche after they realized my girlfriend was not eating her oyster (which I ate happily - both were delicious).

              As for decor, it is certainly a very pretty place, and I'm glad to have finally gotten there before the move. That said, I think that the new digs will be a plus, as the current space is really in need of some maintenance (paint peeling etc).

              Also, I went without a jacket, and felt very comfortable, as none of the other 5 or 6 men in the room were wearing one.

              So all in all, a great afternoon, even if the food wasn't quite as great as I was expecting.