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May 8, 2008 02:12 PM

Mexican food in Poughkeepsie

I was driving down Main Street today and noticed all of these Mexican eateries, including bakeries, supermarkets, and restaurants. I really like Tacocina in Wappingers Falls, but would love to find more hidden gems. Any recs? Thanks!

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  1. I like both locations of Mole Mole (There's one near Marist, also.) Good food, great prices, good tortillas.

    1. my fave is on academy / main, cinco de mayo. no webpage, no takeout menu, but i like their authentic and tasty food.

      i've been to a couple others on main, down near the wendy's/taco bell area.

      oh, i'm going to twisted soul either friday or sat night (solo, wife wouldn't want the tapas) for their tapas; anyone else going?

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        thanks for the recs, george and bob. bob, what would you recommend from cinco de mayo? i just went to twisted soul yesterday and looked at their tapas menu. it looks great! i'll have to try it in the near future...

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          Also, puerta azul is fantastic if you feel like taking a drive to milbrook!

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            about cinco de mayo: good agua frescas...i posted about it here:

            i'd definitely recommend the appetizer platter (first item on the menu) since the pumpkin quesadilla is so good, huitlacoche dishes when they have it. i haven't had the big specials, so i don't know how those are; most of the time, i've gotten things to go and other parts of my family aren't too adventurous...

            puerta azul works well, though it's a bit more upscale, and a little more than 10 miles east of the main street area of pok...

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              Someone recommended El Bracero to me; anyone been there?

              1. re: markabauman

                i was there years ago, didn't care for the chicken served much (though it was authentic). haven't been back since.

                however...and a big however...i've read elsewhere and on here a bunch of ppl who have liked it. i just didn't feel a need to go back whn there are so many other places which are nice (the aforementioned ones, and los compadres, and la cabanita, and some others on the main strip which i mean to try)

        2. Fresco Tortilla on the corner of Raymond and Collegeview has totally fresh tortillas and great fajitas - you can get beef, chicken shrimp or any combo. Great to take home. There's only a little counter to eat there.

          1. I know the title of this thread says Poughkeepsie, but if you go to Tacocina often, you should try Downtown Quesadillas on 9D in Wappingers Falls. I'd like to see them stay open and I went last night and there was only one person in there besides me. So far I liked their burrito better than the enchiladas. But it is similar to Tacocina, with more atmosphere inside.