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May 8, 2008 02:10 PM

Asian Fusion?

Hi Everybody,

We have a big celebration coming up. We would love to go to a big, elaborately designed asian fusion restaurant. Last year we went to Tao and would like something similar. Buddha bar, Buddhakan, Spice Market...? Any preferences or suggestions?

Thank You!!

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  1. Buddhakan probably has the best food among most of the Asian places and the decor is very impressive. Morimoto is not a bad choice but some of the a la carte items are not that great (and very overpriced).

    1. I second Buddahkan. It fits all your requirements (big, elaborately designed, asian fusion). The food is really good. Your waiter might say tell you it's family-style, but I would actually consider it more to be small shareable plates. I went 2 years ago, so not sure if things have changed much.

      1. Third for Buddakan (there's no H, guys). Buddha Bar's food is an order of magnitude below Buddakan's. Can't comment on Spice Market myself but I know people who have been, eh, unimpressed by it.

        1. Agree with Buddakan as well. I prefer Spice Market at lunch, you have less noice and the place looks very nice.
          Have you thought about Asian-Latin fusion? Asia de Cuba