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May 8, 2008 02:08 PM

Flour Tortillas (Moved from Home Cooking Board)

Is there a difference between the flour tortillas that are found at the market in the dairy aisle as opposed to the ones that aren't refridgerated and sold in the International aisle?

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  1. I would look at the list of ingredients on the package. I am suspecting that the refrigerated ones have a bunch of preservatives in them. And the "international aisle" ones if they are coming from a local maker may not.

    That's what I look for when I'm buying them. I buy the ones without crap in them. And then if it's more than I need right away, I just freeze them.

    1. In my findings, the refrigerated ones are the garbage ones.

      1. Interesting, because I have noticed that the refrigerated ones are more prone to tearing, even after warming. What I can't understand is why they have to be refrigerated if they have preservatives in them.

        1. I make my own tortillas, I refrigerate them after one day only so that they don't go stale, I think that is the only reason tortillas are refrigerated unless they are the ones that are sold raw and must be cooked.

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            How do you make yours??
            I've made a couple of half hearted attempts at finding a decent recipe/method.


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              You know I can't say I follow a recipe as I learned from Grandma & Mom, but here goes; about couple cups of flour, 1/2 tsp salt,, 1/2 tsp baking powder, cut in approx 1/4 c shortening, then knead with warm water to form ball divide into smaller smalls let rest approx 10-15 min. roll out and cook over a hot griddle (comale), flip over when tortilla bubbles. Good luck

          2. The differences depend as much on the brand as on the location. In general, though, the refridgerated ones have a long shelf life, in the store and at home. The international aisle ones should have a high turn over rate, though you can put them in the fridge at home.

            Most national brand fridge ones are thick and cardboardy. But I have found some quality ones there as well. I used to get a quality 'Santa Fe' brand in the Seattle area.

            I usually get non-fridge ones from Trader Joes that are quite good, both their more expensive 'handmade' and less expensive 'generic'. But the non-fridge brand that a non-grocery Walmart sells are ok. They have more preservatives so they don't go moldy as fast when camping.

            I buy by feel - the package should be pliable. I prefer thick irregular ones, but the thinner machine-made ones are better for wrapping.


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              Tia Rosa is the mass market brand that I've been happy with.

              It is hard to say what I don't like about some of the other ones I tried on a recent camping trip. There was some off taste. For now I'll stay away from ones that list margarine (with sub ingredients like sugar). Tia Rosa lists salt just a head of leavening.