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Lake George, NY

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Does anyone have recommendations for decent restaurants in Lake George. Not chains or franchises! Thanks

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  1. We pass through Lake George from time to time and there's a nice mid-level Italian place called Cherry Tomato, I think (it might be in a neighboring town). They've got pizza, pasta, and other entrees. The shrimp and scallop bisque is fantastic. My family always has been satisfied with our meals there.

    1. Warrensburg has a nice restaurant, the name escapes me but it might be the grist mill.

      1. to add to this thread...any places with nice outdoor eating for the summer? preferably with a view??? nice place to spend a bit of time on a sunny afternoon?

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          Club Grill at the Sagamore golf course (for lunch).

        2. I think the best (and most interesting) restaurant we went to in Lake George was Pumpernickel's in Bolton Landing (north of Lake George village, near the Sagamore). It is an authentic German restaurant. The food was good and they have some unique cuckoo clocks.


          1. George's was always a good choice (just a bit off the "strip"). If you have the time, take the 35-45 minute ride to The Friend's Lake Inn. Through the years, the main drag (Canada St.) has yet to produce a great meal. For ambiance, find the best deck and stick to cocktails. If you drink enough, anything fried will taste good (just don't drive).

            1. We like the Log Jam (http://www.logjamrestaurant.com/) in Lake George, not far from Exit 20 near the outlet malls and Rte. 149. If your travel north on Rte. 149, the previously mentioned Cherry Tomato is up around 3-4 miles on your right (at intersection of Rte.149 & Bay Road). The Montcalm just off of Exit 20 has been there forever, has all the "standards" plus some interesting dishes. Good food and excellent service. I couldn't find a website for them, but here's their menu: http://www.menumart.com/montcalm/inde.... If you end up travelling up the Northway, north of Lake George, I highly recommend Brunetto's. It's just off Exit 23 in Warrensburg, NY. You need to make reservations well in advance but we've never been disappointed - food and service was wonderful. No website and may not be in the local phone book (518-623-1041), but here's some reviews:
              http://www.merchantcircle.com/busines.... Their mussels are excellent and a "best buy" at $8.00 for a 1/2 order (huge bowl). I also second the recommendation of the Grist Mill (yes, that's the name). It's right on Schroon River with nice views. No website that I could find, but here is the menu: http://www.menumart.com/gristmill/. The Algonquin in Bolton Landing has an outdoor deck and is right on the lake. It's a favorite among the boaters for an afternoon drink so you can watch the boats come and go. Lunch is ok, but dinner is over-priced for the quality of food you get. Enjoy!