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May 8, 2008 02:06 PM

Need great restaurant for wife's bday in west vill.

My wife loves any kind of food - as long as it's really good. Indian, Greek, Italian, French, Malaysian, you name it. Looking for under $100 if possible. Also open to something that might be a little different. So far friends have suggested Market Table and Mas Farm House. Anybody have any other suggestions in or near the west village?? Thanks!

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  1. Market Table is good, but Little Owl is better if you can get in. I also like Snack Taverna and August.

    1. Mas (farmhouse) is one of the more expensive places down there. I doubt it'd be under $100 (even per person, with wine, etc.).

      1. If you mean $100 for 2, none of the suggestions so far will work. Da Andrea is a good, solid neighborhood Italian that will fit in that price range. If you mean $100 per person, you open yourself up to many good choices. Mine would be Perilla or Bar Blanc. Agree that Little Owl is better than Market Table. I also like Snack Taverna. Jarnac is a quiet, cozy French bistro. Chow Bar could be fun, with pan-Asian food as interpreted by an American chef.

        1. Have you thought about Wallse? It's Austrian, so it's a little bit different

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            I was thinking Wallse as well (you'll make the $100 mark only if it's per person.)
            I don't think of Market Table or Little Owl as a birthday spot.

          2. You can try Le Gigot, a small cozy french bistro. I consider it as quite romantic. If you don't drink too much (they have a few options by glass and some reasonable bottles), you should be able to do at around $100 or just slightly above.