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May 8, 2008 01:59 PM

Anyone been to Luke lately??

I am going to NO in a few months. I haven't eaten at Luke and am interested in trying it out. Has anyone been lately and if so, how was it? Food and service? Is the service bad enough to keep someone out of the restaurant? Thanks.

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  1. About a month ago, the service was fine (the kitchen was slow, but the server was decent), but the food was eh. Rabbit pate is delicious, though it is spoiled by being served with hard, super-greasy olive oil toasts/crisps. Steak was forgettable (tough/chewy/sinewy, as though it had been improperly cut/trimmed), frites were overcooked in old oil, croque monsieur was too-too-too salty. I love the menu in concept; the execution has not been very good, in my experience. Please give it a go & give us a fresh report.

    1. Went about a month ago for lunch, and it was really good. Had the court buillon lunch special. Killer plate and no complaints about the service.

      1. I was there during Jazzfest week - ate late but the place was almost full. Service was wonderful, food was tasty, thought it was a very good value.

        1. I was at Luke a few months ago and the service was the worst I've ever had. We ate at a sort of off time, between the usual lunch and dinner times. Our server completely ignored us for a ridiculously long time, and when he finally approached the table we were ready to order, but he refused to take our order and we were forced to wait again. Our entrees came before our appetizers, and his only explanation was that the kitchen had screwed up. We had seen him clear an appetizer that the woman at the table next to us was still obviously eating, she had a mouth full of food and was too surprised to respond. When he cleared our entrees, to bring us our apps, he tried to do the same thing to me and even attempted to pull my french fry cup out of my hand. He brought my friend the wrong app. She told him just as he set it down, and he didn't even apologize, just glared at her and took it away. I'm in the service industry, I know that we all have off nights, but it was really atrocious. The food was good but not particularly memorable with the exception of the french fries. I would've fought the waiter to the death for those! Thin, salty, and crispy but with a soft interior. Mmmm...

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            I had a very mediocre dinner at Luke a few weeks ago. Even the fries were not up to the rave reviews I found on CH. Small portions for many of the dishes and many cases of under or over seasoning. The service was fine but we went very early so there was only a bar crowd.

          2. I go all the time for lunch and must say that the fries are addictive. Also, the Luke Burger wins my gold medal for the best in the city. The redfish courtbouillion is nice but not a sensation. Gumbo is very good. I like the mix of American, Alsatian, French, and Creole. Great menu. My only complaint was the service but the last two times I went, it was excellent so no complaints anymore in that department.