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peasant, dell'anima booked...ideas?

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Hi all, wanted to take my mom out to dinner at either peasant or dell'anima but they were both booked for sat. night. Does anyone have any other suggestions for great italian & great atmosphere? Thanks alot!

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  1. What about Lupa - they take walk-ins...

    1. Apizz, Po. I don't think that you'll have an easier time getting into Lupa than the 2 you've tried.

      1. the orchard
        frankies spuntino
        i love the three

        1. I second a walk-in at Lupa.

          1. Lupa is great but you will probably have a horrendous wait to get in. Try Pepolino. It's a bit more expensive but the food is superb. You may still be able to get a res.