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May 8, 2008 01:51 PM

peasant, dell'anima booked...ideas?

Hi all, wanted to take my mom out to dinner at either peasant or dell'anima but they were both booked for sat. night. Does anyone have any other suggestions for great italian & great atmosphere? Thanks alot!

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  1. What about Lupa - they take walk-ins...

    1. Apizz, Po. I don't think that you'll have an easier time getting into Lupa than the 2 you've tried.

      1. the orchard
        frankies spuntino
        i love the three

        1. I second a walk-in at Lupa.

          1. Lupa is great but you will probably have a horrendous wait to get in. Try Pepolino. It's a bit more expensive but the food is superb. You may still be able to get a res.