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May 8, 2008 01:51 PM

Dining in Moab

Heading out to Moab next week. I've looked on the boards and most reviews are a little old. Has anyone been there recently that would have an opinion on any of the places there? Thanks.

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  1. I found Desert Bistro to be quite a find. Well done, thoughtful dishes, decent wine list (could this possibly be Utah?), good service. Seems to be the whole package. Nothing life-changing but probably as good as Moab has to offer.

    I have heard Center Street Cafe is excellent. Try it and let us know how it is.

    Moab is an amazing place to visit. Not a real culinary destination however.

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      Center Cafe is excellent!! It's been a little while since I was there-last October. Vegetarian daughter and we, her carnivorous parents very happy with everything we had that evening. Also have enjoyed Buck's Grill. Was there a year ago with my in laws for hubby's 50th. All were very pleased, in laws impressed with the variety on the menu, surprised them, they from New England, not expecting high end food in a small desert town. I have not been to Desert Bistro, but perused the menu when helping my husband decide where he wanted his celebration. I definitely hope to try Desert Bistro next time in Moab. Slickrock Cafe was very good the time I've eaten there. Poplar Place has decent pizza, much better than your other choice, Pizza Hut. Of Eddie McStiff's or Moab Brewery, though it's been over a year since eating at either, we liked Moab Brewery better. Many folks love the chile verde at The Moab own is better... I'm wanting to try The Jailhouse for breakfast, but the lines were way to long for me last time through. Mondo coffee for your morning brew, though there is a nice bakery on Main, Red Rock Bakery. Climberdoc is right about it being an amazing place to visit. I've found plenty of great eats there. Hope you enjoy your visit!

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        I didn't make it to the Center Cafe, sadly, but I did enjoy the Desert Bistro and thanks for the rec. Walked out of the Slickrock after being ignored.

      2. we ate at center cafe friday night. it was delicious. i ate the salmon and dh ate the halibut special. i thought it was pricey. dh had a cocktail. we both ate salads and the entree. our bill was 89 something. fat city smoke house is no longer in business. let me add... hubby wouldnt order the halibut again. he said it was overcooked. understaffed.

        1. Center Cafe is still excellent - a very innovative and beautifully presented menu. The River Inn (at the Sorrel River Inn - 17 miles east on Route 128) is truly outstanding. The setting, on the Colorado River is really beautiful (eat on the terrace if you can), and the food and service are as good as they come. The Moab Brewpub is also excellent, but not in the fine dining class.

          1. I was in Moab last week overnight and had dinner at the Moab Brewery,It's like someone else mentioned on the board,"not fine dining"but we enjoyed everything we had with the exception of the onion rings,they were the big "overbreaded"heavy type.
            Salads were fresh and they had a couple of really good house dressings.
            We had ribs and brisket,both were outstanding.
            I tried several of their brews,all good.
            Great waitress named Heidi,ask for her if you try this place.

            1. I guess the reviews of places to eat in Moab are still pretty thin since there hasn't been a post since July. I was there for 4 nights recently and ate at two places, one which I do recommend, Red Cliffs Lodge. I had the red trout dinner, which came with two large crusty rolls, a salad, huge portion of trout seasoned with a spicy chili-butter, veggies, choice of potato (I had sweet). I think it was around $18. The restaurant has fabulous red rock views. There is also an on-site winery, and their own brand wines by the glass were reasonable (although I didn't imbibe). There is a bar where you can also dine off the restaurant menu. I believe there is a casual lunch served on the patio. The only downside is that Red Cliffs is out of town about 14 miles each way, up the Colorado River. However, it's a great place to stay, and if you're going to see Fisher Towers at sunset, it's on the way back into town.

              The website is although there is no link to the menu.

              The other place where I ate was Zax. I thought the food was really mediocre, although it was cheap and the service was good. The french fries were good and I heard some folks raving about the pizza crust but the less said about the salad bar and the steak, the better.

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                Forgot to add a link. But then I tried and I'm not sure it was added. It's Milepost 14, Rte 128 (east of town, on the left as you're heading east).